Luisa Chaney-World Language Resource Teacher
Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2/ Spanish 1B 


Mrs. Megan Meszaros- Spanish 1A/Honors Spanish 3/AB


Ashley Serpas - Spanish 2 A/B

Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1


Aidee Villamarin-Spanish 1 A/B

Hawa Barry- French Teacher


The goal of the world languages program in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) is to prepare students to be linguistically and culturally competent in languages other than English. The ability to communicate in a culturally appropriate manner with speakers of other languages is the key to success in the increasingly diverse global community of the 21st century. As students develop proficiency in world languages and an understanding of the underlying values and beliefs of other cultures, they gain the skills that are essential to meaningful communication.

Enduring Understandings

• Effective communication requires both language proficiency and cultural competence.

• Through the study of a world language, people gain insight into the perspectives of a culture that shape its patterns of behavior, ways of life, world views, and contributions.

• Learning a world language expands educational experiences through connections with other disciplines and enables people to gain knowledge that is only accessible through that language.

• The study of a world language enables people to develop insights into the nature of language and culture.

• Proficiency in a world language allows people to participate as members of multilingual and multicultural communities.

Courses offered

Grade 6

  • Spanish 1A/B   

Grade 7

  • Spanish 1A Full Year
  • Spanish 1A/B

Grade 8

  • Spanish 1A/B
  • Spanish 1B Full Year
  • Spanish 2 A/B
  • Spanish 3A/B


MCPS Language Curriculum- Spanish