Student Service Learning (SSL) Hours at Ridgeview Middle School



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Join our RMS SSL Canvas page!  Click on this link to enroll and receive updates for SSL this year as well as access ideas for volunteering.  Parents and students are welcome! 



SSL Opportunities, Resources, Forms & Contacts



Students can earn SSL hours by attending PTSA Meetings!

Meetings are in the media center of the school, starting at 7. 
If you can’t stay after school, you can also join a Zoom to attend.

Meeting ID: 962 4047 5431. Passcode: Kellner 

At the start of the meeting Ms. Kravitz, PTSA president, will put a google form in the chat, asking  for name/grade/student ID number.  SSL forms for students that attend the Zoom will be brought to school for students to pick up and fill out later in the week.  The students who attend in person will get a form from Ms. Kravitz while there.



Earn SSL Hours by Supporting Emancipation Day in Maryland
Emancipation Day celebrations will take place at Button Farm Living History Center on Oct. 29, from noon–3 p.m. and at  Sandy Spring Slave Museum on Nov. 5, from 10 a.m.–4 p.m. Students can earn Student Service Learning hours for attending.


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Students can earn one SSL hour for sharing their voice about the school and MCPS extracurricular activity (ECA) offerings and interests. This important data will be used to evaluate the current ECA offerings, to promote equity and access to all ECA programs, and to maximize participation for all students. The survey will be open through Friday, November 4th. Please be sure to take the time to complete the survey and earn your one SSL hour. Thank you for your feedback and ideas!



(15 & younger) 


The Montgomery County Board of Elections is seeking school-age students, to serve as Election Day student aides.  Its main goal is to increase civic participation and knowledge of the political process. Serving as a student election aide gives students their first exposure to the actual logistics of the democratic process in the United States. Students leave the program with experience in how elections are set up and a greater understanding of and trust in American democracy. Student election aides are not offered any monetary compensation, but they are given Student Service Learning (SSL) hours for every hour they work. 

FAQ’s: Montgomery County Board of Elections: Future Vote FAQs ( 

To apply: Board of Elections ( 

Questions: Email  

NPR News: The midterm elections need workers. Teens, veterans and lawyers are stepping up | MPR News 

Deadline: Tuesday, October 18, 2022 

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Student Service Learning Graduation Requirement
Summer is a wonderful time for students to engage in SSL opportunities and earn SSL hours towards meeting the 75-hour state graduation requirement! 

Middle school and high school students should continue earning SSL hours towards their SSL graduation requirement by engaging in SSL opportunities over the summer, including traditional in-person opportunities and select virtual/remote opportunities that follow the guidelines posted on the MCPS SSL webpage ( 

Current fifth-grade students may begin participating in SSL opportunities starting June 18, 2022!

 Please review the following important information for the MCPS SSL program:

Nonprofit-Hosted SSL Opportunities

MCPS SSL organizations and opportunities are tagged with the blue MCPS SSL banner and graduation cap icon on the Montgomery County Volunteer Center (MCVC) website

Many nonprofit-hosted in-person and virtual/remote SSL opportunities have already been posted for the summer!

All opportunities (including in-person):

Virtual/remote opportunities:

For additional tips on how to search for opportunities, please go to 

MCPS SSL Guidelines for Virtual/Remote Service

Students may continue to earn SSL hours for select virtual/remote service completed from home under the sponsorship of an approved nonprofit organization or MCPS staff member.

To continue offering an array of SSL opportunities to students, MCPS will continue to allow nonprofit organizations and schools to host virtual/remote SSL opportunities for students beyond the 2021-2022 school year and moving forward.  

To view the MCPS SSL guidelines for virtual/remote service, please visit

Students may also continue to earn SSL hours for traditional in-person opportunities under direct supervision of a nonprofit representative or MCPS staff member in a public space.

MCPS Form 560-51:

SSL Activity Verification Form

Used to verify and document SSL hours after service is completed

Student and supervisor must complete the form

SSL Activity Verification Forms Click here for form for service completed after June 1, 2022, should be turned into your school’s SSL coordinator when schools resume in the fall.


Please note that after the 2021-2022 school year, SSL forms will no longer be accepted for service completed prior to June 1, 2022.

MCPS Form 560-50:

Individual SSL Request Form

Used to obtain pre-approval prior to service with a nonprofit organization not listed on the Montgomery County Volunteer Center (MCVC) website

To request pre-approval for service to be completed during the summer, please complete and submit to

Student SSL Records on Student/ParentVUE

Step-by-step directions for viewing a student’s full SSL record

Step-by-step directions may be found at

MCPS SSL Program Overview

Complete overview of SSL requirements, guidelines, process, awards, and forms

MCPS SSL Program Overview may be found at  

MCPS SSL Hub for Students 

Find SSL forms, translated resources, SSL guidelines, and much more!

Check out SSL forms, resources, and guidelines at 


If you have any questions about the SSL program during the summer, please email the MCPS SSL office at Thank you!


Ridgeview SSL Coordinator School Year Information

For individual approval to engage in service opportunities not listed on the MCVC website, students should complete MCPS Form 560-50 and submit the form for review two weeks prior to service. For in-person service, submit forms to the bins in guidance, the main office or outside of room 221. If you have any questions, seek and ask Mrs. Meszaros, RMS SSL coordinator. 

Here is how one checks on SSL hours on Student/Parent Vue.

All SSL Activity Verification Forms (Form 560-51) should be completed, and delivered in person to the RMS SSl coordinator, Mrs. Meszaros

Here are is a flow chart that may help students better understand MCPS student Student Service Learning (SSL) program. 

English:  Flowchart in color     
Flowchart in Black & White

Programa de Aprendizaje Mediante Servicio Estudiantil (Student Service Learning-SSL) de Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS)

Español:  diagrama de flujo en color   
  diagrama de flujoen en blanco y negro

For SSL hours to be reflected on a student’s report card, please submit all SSL forms by the recommended due dates.

To learn more about the MCPS SSL program, please view our program overview here If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Meszaros or the MCPS SSL office at


Most Important Form

SSL Verification Form 560-51


SSL Coordinator Contact
Mrs. Meszaros