Special Education Department

Resource Teacher for Special Education (RTSE)

  • Mrs. Jennifer Douville, Resource Teacher for Special Education

Special Education Department Teachers

  • Ms. Sharzad Benze, Speech Pathologist
  • Mrs. Lauren Goldfarb, English 7 & 8
  • Ms. Erin Pearsob, Related Studies & English
  • Ms. Deborah Romano, Reading Interventions  
  • Ms. Lauren Sweeney, IM, Math 6 & Related Studies 
  • Ms. Jessica Watkins, IM, Math 8, & Algebra


  • Mrs. Thaseen Amin
  • Mrs. Hillary Chester
  • Mrs. Mykal Showell-Davis
  • Ms. Janee Foster
  • Mr. Johan Garcia
  • Mrs. Celiana Lopez

Special Education Department News and Notes

Online Resources to Support Students

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