Instructional Media Center

Brenda and Hillary 2

Mrs. Brenda Young, Media Specialist
Mrs. Hillary Chester, Media Assistant

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Media Center Phone Number : 240-740-0870

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Redland Media Center is to provide instruction, resources and services that enable students and staff to reach curricular goals. The media center provides the opportunity for students to learn how to find and use information effectively. In addition, the media center provides the students the ability to think critically, read for pleasure and acquire the skills needed to become lifelong learners.

Media Center Expectations

  • Be respectful to all Media Center staff and users.
  • Handle all materials and equipment with care.
  • Return materials to their proper location.  If you don't remember where an item came from, please ask the Media Center staff.
  • Clean up your work area and push in your chair before leaving the Media Center.
  • Refrain from eating, drinking or chewing gum.

Visiting the Media Center 

The Media Center is a quiet place where students can do research, work on assignments, find a book or read quietly.  In addition to visiting the Media Center during the school day as part of a class, students can also visit on their own as needed, but the number of students allowed in at any one time is limited.  The number of students is limited so that students in it can work without distractions.

  • Before School - The Media Center opens every day at 7:50 and remains open until the first bell at 8:05
  • During Lunch - Students who need to come to the media center must get a pass from Mrs. Young or Mrs. Chester before they go to lunch. Students will not be admitted without a pass.
  • After School - Students who need to use the media center resources after school should arrange it with Mrs. Young or Mrs. Chester.

In addition to the times above, students are always welcome to come to the Media Center during the day to find a new book.  Students must have a pass in the assignment book to visit during class time.

Circulation Policies

  • Students may check out up to three items at a time for a loan period of 2 weeks.  These items can be renewed. 
  •  Magazines do not circulate, but can be read while in the Media Center. 
  • Books that have been pulled out for class projects do not circulate while the class is working on the project, but students may come to the Media Center to use them.