Health Room

The Department of Health and Human Services, School Health Services (SHS) in partnership with MCPS provides services to assure the heath, safety, and well-being of students at Redland Middle school in the health room.  

School Health Services include assessment of health needs of students, sick and emergency care and first aid, monitoring immunization compliance, administering, medication and treatment to students, who have physicians orders, maintaining student health records, providing crisis intervention, health counseling, health education-promotion, nurse case-management and referral.  School Health staff assists families of eligible uninsured students to enroll in Maryland Children's Health and Care for Kids programs. 

Contact Information 

 Nancy Ruffner, School Nurse; Nancy

 Faakornam Deegbe,  Health Room Technician; 

Phone: 240-740-0901 

Medications at School: 

Medicine cannot be given to a student unless authorized by the physician on MCPS form 525-13 (please use MCPS form 525-14 for epipens only). This includes both prescription and over the counter medications. Over the counter medications must be in the original, unopened bottle/box. Prescription medications must be in a container properly labeled by a pharmacist.

Students are not permitted to bring medicine to school to either deliver to the health room or carry for self medication unless approved by the physician and cleared by the school nurse. 

Please contact the health room if you have any questions.

For additional forms and information visit the School Health Services link on the MCPS website. 

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