Connect with the PTSA and the MLK Community   

Join our MLK MS PTSA Facebook Group or our listserv to stay connected and to get information about what’s going on in our school and in our county.  Learn how to advocate for your students, how to support them in middle school, how to access resources, and how to make your voice heard. Our PTSA Meetings are via zoom this year and are open to everyone.  We encourage you to bring your MLK students along to the meetings so they can earn SSL hours.  All of our PTSA meetings are announced in advance through email messages sent by MLK, via our listserv and via our FB page.  If you are interested in volunteering for one of the vacancies below, please email us.  If you want to connect with others in the MLK community, consider joining our FB group and/or our listserv.  Together we make our community stronger!




Become a PTSA Member

By joining the Parent Teacher, Student Association (PTSA), your tax deductible membership dollars bring activities, special events, and experiences to all MLK students!




2021-2022 School Year PTSA Board Members   

President, Will Huh  

Vice President, Audra Dove    

Treasurer, Karen Kizer (vacancy pending)

Secretary, Alison Yates   

Special Education Committee Chair, Brooke Levey

Fundraising Committee Chair, Helen Webster

Membership Committee Chair, Heather Wagner 

NAACP Representative, vacant

MLK MS PTSA/MCCPTA Delegate, vacant