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  Destined for Space: Our Story of Exploration © 2012
How Do Scientists Explore Space? © 2012
The Epics of Greek Mythology © 2012
What Do We Know About Stars and Galaxies? © 2012
101 Things You Didn't Know About Your Body © 2012
Avoiding Hunger and Finding Water © 2012
What Do We Know About the Solar System? © 2012
Coping With Population Growth © 2012
The Arab-Israeli War Since 1948 © 2012
Why Is There Life on Earth? © 2012
Bridging The Energy Gap © 2012
What Does Space Exploration Do for Us? © 2012
Courageous Children © 2012
Promoting Health, Preventing Disease © 2012
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Gale Virtual Reference Library
Science in Context
Student Resource Center Junior
US History in Context
Alternative Energy [3 Volumes]
American Civil War Reference Library
American Revolution Reference Library
Ancient Civilization Reference Library
Colonial America Reference Library
Middle Ages Reference Library
Real-Life Math
Shaping of America 1783-1815 Reference Library
UXL American Decades
UXL Encyclopedia of Drugs and Addictive Substances
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Atoms  Molecules  and Compounds  © 2007
Basic Nutrition  © 2004
Biology  © 2006
Chemistry  © 2006
Earth Science  © 2006
Electromagnetism  and How It Works  © 2007
Encyclopedia of Mathematics  © 2005
Environment  © 2006
Extraordinary Jobs in Health and Science  © 2006
Hydrosphere  © 2007
Nutrition and Weight Management  © 2004
Nutrition for Sports and Exercise  © 2004
Photosynthesis and Respiration © 2006
Physics © 2006
Plant Cells and Tissues © 2006
Plant Ecology © 2006
Plant Nutrition © 2006
Rosa Parks  Updated Edition © 2006
Space and Astronomy © 2006
The American Revolution  Updated Edition © 2007
The Facts On File Dictionary of Mathematics  Fourth Edition © 2005
The Facts On File Geometry Handbook © 2003
 © 2006
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African-Americans in Business
Battle of Gettysburg
Battles and Campaigns
The Berlin Wall
Braiding Hair
Concussions in Sports
The Curious, Captivating, Unusual History of Sports
The Curse of King Tut's Tomb and Other Ancient Discoveries
Dollars and Sense: The Banking Industry
Electricity: Investigating the Presence and FLow of Electric Charge
Get Ready for a Winning Science Project
The Great Depressions and World War II: 1929-1945
How to Beat CyberBullying
John Cena
Malaria: Super Killer
The Raven
Say Cheese, Medusa!
The Science of Military Vehicles
Social Networking: Big Business on Your Computer
The Story of the Minnesota Twins
Tae Kwan Do: Korean Foot and Fist Combat
Tiger Threat
Why did World War II Happen?
Wolverine, the First Class. Rock Gods
Women in the Civil Rights Movement


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Big Dip
The Call of the Wild
If You Really Loved Me
Hack Attack: A trip to Wonderland
The Jungle Book
Little WomenThe Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
Peter Pan
The Prince and the Pauper
Puppet Wrangler
The Red Scarf
Treasure Island

White Fang

John Cena
Marco Polo
Steve Jobs: Apples to Apps