Please see the attached sneak peek video of our book! We are almost sold out, and we are keeping sales open until we do so. If you haven't ordered your book, do so now. 
We, literally, have 17 books left, so see below from Jostens:


Due to school closures, we wanted to ensure that students had a choice in how they would receive their book.  Since we cannot set a firm pick up date, Jostens was able to create a shipping option for any new or existing order.

You now have the choice to:

  1. SHIP TO HOME: You can now choose to add a $10 shipping cost in order to have books delivered to your personal home address. This shipping option can be added to any new or existing order. 
    1. Shipping can be added by visiting or by clicking HERE.  
    2. We made a special video highlighting how to add shipping to a NEW or EXISTING order. View the video  HERE.
    3. We encourage students and/or parents to order shipping soon, it will only be offered until May 22nd.
    4. Unfortunately, we can only apply shipping individually, we cannot "group" multiple books together due to the late notice in shipping change. So, for instance, if you ordered 3 books, we cannot sort and group your 3 books together, they would ship separately.
  1. SHIP TO SCHOOL: this is the current default option for all orders.  An onsite distribution event will be planned and announced as soon as social distancing guidelines are lifted enough where it is safe to do so.  This event is anticipated to take place at some point this summer.
  2. Books are set to arrive in JUNE or JULY. They will ship to your home and to the school around the same time.


ANY STUDENT OR PARENT who chooses ship to home PLEASE COMPLETE THIS ADDRESS CONFIRMATION form so that we can ensure Jostens sends your book to the correct address. We want to take this vital step to ensure accuracy in all reporting. 

On behalf of Magruder High School and the Yearbook Staff we want to emphasize that we understand neither option is ideal.  Ideally we would be planning our week-long event in school during June.  However, due to the uncertain nature of school re-opening, we had to move forward with a decision to ensure students could be confident the books they purchased are arriving.  We also know that some students may not feel comfortable coming to school for a distribution event even after social distancing guidelines begin to ease.

After much careful thought and consideration, we ultimately decided that it would be best to allow students the opportunity to decide for themselves how to receive the book: at home or at school (when safe).