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Students must complete 22 credits in the following areas:

Subject Number of credits required


4 credits 


4 credits: including Algebra and Geometry 


3 credits: including Biology and Physical Science (M/E for example) 

Social Studies 

3 credits: requires US History, NSL Government, and Modern World History  

Physical Education 

1 credit 


.5 credits (1 semester) 

Fine Arts 1 credit

Technology Education 

1 credit 

Program Completer 

2 credits of Foreign Language 


2 credits in Advanced Technology Education Program OR 4 credits of an approved Career Development Program  


2.5 credits* (any classes in any subject beyond the minimum requirements listed above) 

* only .5 elective credits are required when completing a Career Development Program  

Each semester is worth .5 credits

Students must complete 75 hours of Student Service Learning (SSL)

(visit for more information about the SSL program, to search for opportunities, and to download applicable forms). 


Students must pass High School Assessments in Algebra, English and Biology.

Passing scores 











Schedule changes are made automatically for the following reasons: 

-Completion of a summer school course 

-Incomplete schedule (missing a class) 

-Two courses in the same period  

- Failure of a prerequisite course 

- Master schedule conflict 


Schedule changes requests after the last day of school for reasons other than those above can only be made in extenuating circumstances. One reason for this is that the administration made decisions about the number of sections per department based on students’ course selection during the registration process. Schedule changes have serious effects both on the student’s individual schedule, including the amount of work missed, and on the class size of the course into which he/she in transferring. 


Students requesting a schedule change after the last day of school must fill out a pink schedule change form found in the counseling services office.  This form must be signed by a parent, and the change must be approved by the student’s counselor, subject area resource teacher, and grade-level administrator. This process may take a few days, and there is no guarantee that the request will be granted. Students also need to understand that the schedule change may result in several other courses and/or teachers having to change. We cannot honor schedule change requests based on teacher preference.  



  1. If a student drops a course after the 25th day of each semester, the course appears on the transcript as a withdrawal with the grade/date at the time of withdrawal; no credit is given for the course. The withdrawal grade is not averaged into the overall GPA but is computed on the report card for eligibility purposes. 
  2. Seniors, if you drop a course, this could affect college acceptance decisions.