Welcome to the Forest!

A Culture of Respect

At Georgian Forest we respect ourselves, our environment, and each other.

Grizzly PEACE Pledge 

  • P - Persistence                 We never give up.
  • E - Effort                           We always try our best. 
  • A - Achievement               We succeed.   
  • C - Collaboration              We work together.
  • E - Empathy                      We care about others' feelings.   


Please click on the picture below of the virtual GFES Master Schedule to see it in a new window! 

GFES Master Schedule 2020-2021 

Looking for something to do over Thanksgiving Break? Click on the image below for more information!

This Thanksgiving holiday, Kid Museum is launching a maker project for everyone to enjoy! Learn about coding and digital design, as you create art through code. Using free online software called TurtleArt, KID Museum educators will show you how to use coding blocks to draw your artwork.



Connect Ed Messages and GFES Master Calendar

Please click on the title above to take you to the Connect ED messages page.

MCPS Technology Support Help

For the technical needs of any student or parent during remote learning, please use this phone number for assistance: 240-740-7020. Click on the title above for more information.

Hispanic Heritage Month

Join us as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15th through October 15 at GFES! Click on the title above to see what we have planned and how you can join in!

Online Digital Tools

In order for schools to safely use certain online digital tools, your consent is needed. Please click on the title above to access more information on this topic and the Forms needed for consent.

Zoom for Students/Zoom para estudiantes

Instructions for students and parents on how to access Zoom for class meetings. Instrucciones para estudiantes y padres sobre como acceder a Zoom para los reuniones de clase.

FARMS Applications

FARMS applications are now available online! Click on the title above for more information and to find the link to register.

Online School Payments

The Online School Payment allows parents/guardians, students, teachers, and staff the option to pay for school activities and events, such as field trips, yearbooks, fundraisers, and other items using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Debit card).  The online payment solution is provided by MCPS as an additional, convenient, and secure payment option.  Please, either click on the title above OR the "Online School Payment" link found in the Quick Links to the left of this message to create your account today!