Counseling Office

The guidance program is designed to assist students in decision-making and to help each child appreciate their self-worth. The counselor facilitates daily and weekly lessons, which may include such topics as mindfulness, collaboration, conflict resolution, empathy, coping with change, goal setting, career exploration, perseverance, and middle school transition. Teachers, families, or students may make referrals for specific problems to the counselor. She meets with new students entering our school to welcome and orient them to the school’s expectations and culture. She helps coordinate our fifth graders’ transition to middle school through a family information night, registration information, and student visits to the middle school. Except in rare circumstances, the issues that students discuss with a counselor will remain confidential.

Counseling Services Referral and Appointment Procedures

  • Students wishing to see the counselor should make an appointment with the counselor before or after school, during lunch, or between classes.

  • If a student has an appointment slip/pass to see the counselor, he/she should show it to his/her teacher before going to the counselor’s office.

  • If there is an urgent need to see the  counselor, students should obtain a pass from the classroom teacher before going to the counselor’s office and let the teacher know that the visit is prompted by an urgent concern.

Contact: Alexandra Roth, Counselor,
Soroka, A. Alexandra Roth, School Counselor
As a school counselor, I am passionate about advocating for all students and working with children to help them learn the skills and attitudes necessary for happiness, health, and success. I graduated from the University of Virginia (Wahoowa!) with a degree in Psychology and Spanish and then stayed at UVa for my Master's in Counselor Education. Apart from my love for counseling, I enjoy hiking, yoga, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.  

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