AP Exam Payment Information

The payment deadline for AP exams is March 1st. After March 1st, obligations related to exam fees may prevent students from participation in extracurricular activities. 


Exam fees can be paid online through the Online School Payments website or by dropping a check with Ms. Jilson in the IB office on Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch. Please see Dr. Mooney's letter for additional details about exam payments (click here).


March 13th is the final deadline to register for or cancel AP exams.  Please note:

  • With the exception of Microeconomics, any new registrations or cancellations will incur a $40 fee per exam. 
  • With the exception of Microeconomics, any student who joins their classroom section on the My AP website will automatically have their exam order status set to "undecided" and will need to email Mrs. Young to update their order status to "yes" if they would like to register. Students cannot change their registration status on their own.
  • If your student registered for an exam and fails to sit for the exam, you will be charged $40 per unused exam. 

After March 13th, the College Board will not accept any new registrations or cancellations, so please email Mrs. Young with any changes prior to March 13th. Mrs. Young's email address is Emily_A_Young@mcpsmd.org