Academic Information


MCPS has on its website an individual high school course bulletin  that describes course offerings of each MCPS high school.

B-CC offers honors courses in the full range of disciplines ranging from Chemistry to  Jazz Ensemble. 

B-CC encourages all interested students to pursue Advanced Placement Courses, which are available in most academic departments. 

Advanced Level Courses in foreign languages, math, science, and computer technology, as well as all IB courses are also available to all B-CC students.

Since 1996, B-CC has been a proud participant in the International Baccalaureate Program which provides a liberal arts, interdisciplinary education leading to a diploma recognized throughout the world.  In addition, students may take one or more IB courses (except Theory of Knowledge) and obtain a certificate for the successful completion of the requirements for each course.  The curriculum is based on the topics and goals identified by the curriculum board of the International Baccalaureate Office in Cardiff, Wales.

Questions? Contact your Counselor.


Evaluation is based on evidence of the attainment of the instruction and performance objectives for the student. See the MCPS Grading policy.

Symbols and statements used to report progress, and final grade calculation for the semester can be found under Grading in the Student Handbook.

Students may choose to be evaluated on a credit/no credit basis if they meet the requirements listed under Credit/No Credit Course Options in the Student Handbook.


Interims/ progress reports are mailed out to all students at the midpoint of each of the four marking periods. The purpose of the interims/ progress report is to inform parents about their child's academic progress in each subject area. Interims or progress reports are one in the same. As always, parents are encouraged to contact teachers with questions and concerns regarding their child's performance.


Report cards are distributed during special homeroom dates, except the end-of-year report cards, which will be mailed to students' homes. All unclaimed report cards will be available for pick up in the Counseling Office.


New Report with 1st & 3rd Quarter Report Cards:
Starting the 2007-2008 school year, parents of students in Grades 9 12 will receive (in the U.S. Mail about one week after reports cards are distributed) a detailed report of their child's progress toward graduation. This will be a way for high school students and their parents to monitor academic performance and progress toward fulfilling the requirements for a Maryland high school diploma.

The report will include information on:
*Courses taken, grades, credits earned and credits still required
*Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) and Weighted Grade Point Average (WGPA)
*Status of High School Assessments
*Status of Student Service Learning hours