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The Administrative Team 

Principal, 240-740-0405, Dr. Shelton Mooney 

Assistant Principal, 240-740-0400, Ms. Vickie Adamson - Class of 2024 (9th grade)

Assistant Principal, 240-740-0400, Mr. Sam Levine - Class of 2021 (12th grade)

Assistant Principal, 240-740-0400, Mr. Doug Nelson - IB Diploma Programme, IB Middle Years Programme, ESOL/METS

Assistant Principal, 240-740-0400, Dr. David Mugerwa - Class of 2023 (10th grade)

Assistant School Administrator, 240-740-0400, Mrs. Rebecca Sutton - Class of 2022 (11th grade)


Business Office, B112, 240-740-0417

School Business Administrator, 240-740-0415, Deborah Teicher 

  • Mrs. Audrey Liebeskind

Main Office, B100, 240-740-0400 

Ms. Joan Black, Administrative Secretary 

  • Ms. Shirley Murillo, School Secretary 

  • Ms. Jodie Kelsey, School Secretary II

  • Ms. Mary Kane Secretary I

  • Ms. Dora Aviles , Attendance Secretary

ATTENDANCE OFFICE, B106, 240-740-0409, Fax: 301-657-4946 

Attendance Note Attendance Appeal 2019-2020 Policies and Procedures

Attendance Secretary Ms. Dora Aviles 

Attendance Notes must include

  • Reasons for absence

  • Parent Signature and daytime phone number

  • Notes must have a parents signature

  • Scanned documents or photos of written notes with signature are accepted

Tardiness, Unexcused absence and Loss of Credit

  • 3 unexcused tardies equal one unexcused absence

  • 5 unexcused absences can result in loss of credit

Late Arrival

  • Student must sign in.

Early Departures

  • Student must have a note from parent/guardian stating student I.D., reason, date and time of departure.

  • Student must take the note to the attendance office in the morning, prior to leaving.

  • Student must sign out.

Full Day-Absences

  • When student returns to school from an all-day absence, s/he must bring a note to the attendance office within 3 school days.

MCPS Excused Absences

  • Death in Family

  • Illness of student (doctors note required after 5 days)

  • Court summons (proof required)

  • Medical appointments

  • Suspension

  • Observance of religious holiday

  • State emergency

  • Authorized activity approved in advance

  • Violent/hazardous weather

  • Lack of MCPS transportation


  • Vacations are not excused absences.

Attendance is taken in each period. An automated calling system notifies parents if a student is unexcused from any period of the day.

  • No phone calls necessary when students are absent. Bring in a note upon returning to school.

  • All absences are considered unexcused until a student presents a note, signed by his or her parent, to the attendance office. The student is responsible for carrying out this procedure. Whenever possible, use the B-CC Attendance Note.

 *For more information, contact Attendance Secretary 


Security, D104, 240-740-0414

Mrs. Mrs. Jaquettia King, Security Team Leader

  • Ms. Terri Bradley
  • Mr. James Cunningham
  • Mr. Ray Gray
  • Mr. Matt Shipe

For more information, see the Security Team Web page

Health Room, B136, 240-740-0437

  • Corey Dwyer, RN
  • Emily Marmillott

B-CC Cluster  

Area Superintendent (Area 3)                                       Mrs. Diane Morris      240-740-3100

Administrative Secretary to Mrs. Morris                          Ms. Regina Jones      240-740-3100 

Director of Leadership, Achievement & Administration     Mr. Sean McGee          240-740-3100

Administrative Secretary to Mr. McGee                           Ms. Marla Yoho         240-740-3100


Pupil Personnel Services

Pupil Personnel Worker Ms. Christine Pellicoro

School Psychological Services  Rachel Lindenfeld

Disciplinary Review & School Assignment Unit