AP Exam Updates April 30th

AP Exams begin May 11th! In order to prepare for test day, students should review the following documents and videos:
Important actions students should take to prepare for their exams:
  • Confirm your email address with the College Board by following the steps outlined here. Please note that you will be able to access your exams through My AP, no confirmation email necessary; however, the College Board would still like all students to make sure that their emails are correct in My AP.
  • Use the exam demo that will be released May 4th to practice submitting responses and verify that your device is able to access and run the online exam.
  • If you are taking a World Language exam, download the AP World Languages Exam App on a smartphone or tablet only! If you do not have access to one of these devices, please contact the College Board or Emily Young (Emily_A_Young@mcpsmd.org) for assistance. Information about downloading and using the app can be found here.
Other notable information about the online testing process:
  • AP exams will NOT work in Internet Explorer! Please make sure you have the latest version of either Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. 
  • It is important that students log in to take their exams 30 minutes prior to the exam start time in order to complete security protocol questions. The exam clock starts at the same time around the world, and it does not wait for students to log in or complete the security protocol questions. If a student has not answered all security protocol questions when the clock starts, then completing the questions will eat into their exam time.
  • If you take an exam in May and encounter any issues that prevent you from completing the exam, you will be able to request a makeup date. If you encounter any problems in June, you will NOT be able to request a makeup date. For this reason, the College Board strongly recommends that students utilize the May test dates.
  • As soon as a student clicks the link to enter an exam, they will be charged for the exam, regardless of whether or not they complete it. Please only open exams that you intend on taking and have paid for!
  • Students do NOT need to email Mrs. Young to cancel their exams. If a student does not want to take an exam then they simply don't take the exam. Fees for unused exams will be refunded without penalty after exams have been administered. Additionally,  the College Board is waiving the cancellation fee for any previous late cancellations. Students who have already paid this fee will be refunded.
  • Information about accommodations for this year's online AP exams can be found here
  • Students or parents who need tech support can call the MCPS support line: 240-740-7022.
Please email Emily Young with questions: Emily_A_Young@mcpsmd.org