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Internship Program

 Ms. Stacy Farrar, Internship Coordinator    
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 Internship Application Instructions for 2014-2015 

      Identifying a Career Area of Interest 


      Writing a Resume 

      Writing a Cover Letter 


      Writing a Post Interview Thank You Note 

      Completing the Required Paperwork and Providing Contact Information 

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B-CC has an extensive internship program. An academic internship enables a student to:

  • Acquire hands-on experience in a field of potential interest
  • Learn skills s/he would not learn in school
  • Determine whether a career is compatible with his/her interests, skills, and values
  • Work with adults in a professional environment and develop working relationships
  • Apply academic learning to practical situation and out-of-school experiences to classroom activities
  • Develop responsible and productive work habits
  • Become aware of opportunities that exist in a career field and the necessary educational background needed to pursue that career
  • Make connections for future job opportunities

The program lasts an entire academic term (18 weeks), or preferably, two terms, and may necessitate longer hours than a student would ordinarily spend in the classroom. Successful completion of the semester will earn 1/2 academic (elective) credit.



Studemts who wish to enroll in the internship program during the academic year must complete all steps of the application process according to the established timeline in the application packet.  

  • A strong academic record
  • An excellent attendance record
  • Exemplary behavior
  • A positive attitude
  • A solid work ethic
  • Strong communication skills
  • The maturity to make the commitment for an academic year
  • The willingness to meet the requirements of the program
  • The endorsement of his or her teachers and counselor and the administrator 


  • Leave school at the end of 6th, 7th or 8th period and report to an employer.
  • Work a minimum of 75 hours per semester (about 8 hours per week) for a one-period internship, or 150 hours per semester (about 10 hours per week) for a two-period internship; or 225 hours (about 15 hours per week) for a three-period internship.
  • Arrange transportation to and from the intern site.
  • Demonstrate good attendance, cooperativeness, industriousness, and willingness to take the initiative when appropriate. They must also have a neat personal appearance, dress appropriately for the workplace, and learn proper business etiquette and professionalism.
  • Attend scheduled group seminars with other interns.
  • Write weekly email messages to the Internship Coordinator concerning events/problems/questions regarding the internship.
  • Complete a project to be determined by the Internship Coordinator at the end of each quarter.

See Internship Program Syllabus for specific requirements and performance assessments details.





Is internship a class? An internship takes place out of school at a work site. Students who are in the MCPS Internship Program do an internship and are enrolled in the internship seminar course. At B-CC, the seminars start in the spring semester of the previous year, when interested students attend lunchtime seminars to learn about the job search process. When school starts in the fall, the class meets every day for the first two weeks of school and every other Monday thereafter. Triple period interns are in the 6th period seminar, double period interns are in the 7th period seminar, and single period interns are in the 8th period seminar. Students attend the seminar during the assigned period and day. The other days, the students leave school to go to work.  


Do I have to intern at one of the established B-CC sites? We have many fabulous sponsors who are willing to host students year after year. Prospective interns can learn about these positions by talking with current interns at the job fair in the early spring. They can also visit the internship office to peruse the database of previous internship sponsors. Students are encouraged to research and look for new sites. Generally, the harder a student looks for an internship, the more s/he enjoys the internship.   


Can I play a sport or be in the school play if I am an intern? Yes, as long as you are able to complete the required number of hours. Ideally, students work a set number of hours each week, but if a student can find a sponsor who is willing to offer some flexibility, s/he may work fewer hours during the sports season and more hours after it ends. Please also be advised that if you need to be back at school for an after school activity, it is going to limit your options. It’s difficult to get the perfect internship at the perfect time and in the perfect location. You may need to make some trade-offs.  


If I am accepted into the program, am I guaranteed a job? If accepted into the program, you will need to work with the coordinator to secure a position. Some of our sponsors do take students year after year, but is a competitive process and the most qualified candidates are likely to secure the most coveted positions. Each year, we also get many new sponsors. Most of them come to us through a new connection that an industrious student establishes.  


Do I have to work every day? Ideally, students go to work each day. However, some students, particularly those who travel long distances to get to their internship, find that it is easier to work several longer shifts each week to save on travel time. Some sites also prefer to have students work for several longer stretches of time. Therefore, each intern may coordinate with his/her sponsor to develop a set schedule and to communicate that schedule with the coordinator.    


Is transportation provided? Students provide their own transportation to and from the work site. Some drive, but others walk, bike, take Metro or ride the bus. Students must submit MCPS form 560-31, Application to Participate in an Activity Away from School for Which Transportation is Not Provided. (Students may know this as “the field trip form.”)  


Do I have to attend the required seminars? Yes, there are approximately 15 required seminars each semester. A schedule will be distributed at the start of each quarter.  


Do we have a summer internship program? We do not have a summer internship program, but many students do summer internships on their own. Although the students do not earn academic credit for summer internships, the experience is often a valuable one.   





  • Provide daily supervision or designate someone to do so.
  • Verify student attendance by signing a weekly timesheet provided by the student.
  • Evaluate the intern's and the program's effectiveness at the end of each nine-week quarter.


 For internships in the academic year 2014-2015, application due date  February 3, 2014. Questions? Please call or email Ms. Farrar.