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Interaction with the larger community is an integral component of the education process at B-CC. The Partnership Program is based on the assumption that education cannot exist in a vacuum – public education is of the community and for the community. The goal of the program is to have every student involved in at least one of the activities that have a career focus. To this end, it is hoped that our students will graduate from B-CC with a clear idea of their career and education goals.

B-CC’s Partnership Program includes numerous businesses, professional firms, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Many programs enrich the school:


Exploring career goals and introducing students to the demands of the work world are the major interests of the Internship Program. Students have the opportunity to work among adults and learn, first-hand, the rigor of the work place while, at the same time, pursing their interests. Approximately 50 students participate in the internship program each semester. The intern sponsor is asked to:

  • Provide daily supervision or designate someone to do so
  • Verify student attendance on the time sheets provided
  • Evaluate the student’s performance at the end of each 9-week marking period


Career Day/Career Partnership Day takes place on December 5, 2013 and is open to seniors currently in the Internship Program, all Juniors, and ESOL students who are juniors or seniors.  Should additional slots become available, we will consider applications from Seniors who have not participated in the past.

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Career Partnership Day, 2009

Career Partnership Day, 2010

Career Partnership Day 2011

Career Partnership Day, December 5, 2013



Each year on Career Partnership Day (or, in intervening years, on Career Day) special thanks and recognition is given to those individuals, businesses, and organizations who have demonstrated “long-term commitment and dedication” to the program. The Cynthia Clarke Career Builder Award is given annually in memory of Cynthia Clarke, former B-CC math teacher and internship coordinator, who founded Career Partnership Day in 1992.

* See Award Winners on the Career Day page.    


Outside speakers are welcomed at B-CC. Representatives of such organizations as the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the National Library of Medicine, Chevy Chase Bank, and the Marriott Corporation have given career awareness seminars for B-CC interns. In addition, other speakers, such as Congressman Chris Van Hollen, have addressed individual classes in subject areas including social studies, mathematics, English, and music.


To discuss the possibility of forming a new program that may be unique to your business or organization, please contact Mrs. Kirtley.