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Ms. Dawn Charles, coordinator


Chips, a class at B-CC that produces the school's literary arts magazine. 


You can find out more about how to order a copy, donate, or submit art and writing for the next edition.


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Congratulations to the 2011 staff of Chips for receiving the Gold Medal Award from Columbia Scholastic Press Association, a Highest Award from the National Council of Teachers of English, a First Place from the American Scholastic Press Association, and a Gold Rating from the Maryland District of Columbia Scholastic Press Association.  Chips also won a First Place Award from Columbia Scholastic Press Association for the cover and an Honorable Mention for humor.


Chips, Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School’s annual literary magazine, first began life as an offshoot of the yearbook, The Pine Tree, in 1937 – hence the name Chips. Since then, it has grown to become one of the most honored high school literary magazines in the country.  Chips is a class that is predominately student run.  Students are responsible for choosing the pieces that appear, raising money to support printing and distribution, and laying out the content.  More importantly, Chips allows for a stimulating atmosphere where artists, writers, photographers, musicians, and filmmakers can be part of something that encourages creativity in the school community.



Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) Gold Medal Award:  2001-2011

 CSPA Gold Crown Award:  2000 and 1996

 CSPA Silver Crown Award:  2001 and 1995

 CSPA Gold Circle Award:  2002

 CSPA First Place for cover:  2011

 CSPA Honorable Mention for humor:  2011

 Maryland District of Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold RAting:  2009-2011

 National Council of Teachers of English Highest Award:  2001, 2002, 2005, 2009-2011

 Journalism Education Association Best of Show Award:  2001




Submissions to Chips are accepted from the entire school population until the end of the first semester each year. Some suggestions of the type of work Chips considers are as follows:   

  • Poetry
  • Short Stories
  • Personal Essays
  • Photographs
  • Paintings
  • Drawings
  • Sculpture
  • Graphic Stories
  • Songs
  • Pottery
  • Music
  • Video (up to 5 minutes)

Submissions are accepted electronically at or in C206


Order Form: 

To pre-order the magazine click here for the form and  return the form with a check or cash to Dawn Charles, Chips Sponsor, B-CC, 4301 East West Highway, Bethesda, Maryland 20814 or to Ms. Charles in Room C206



Why Advertise?
Should you advertise in Chips, your ad will reach over one thousand B-CC High School students, their parents, and the B-CC staff. You may even design your own ad to give it that extra eye-catching look.

How do I contact Chips to advertise?
Please fill out the Chips Ad Order Form and e-mail it to Chips at or mail it to Chips, B-CC High School, 4301 East-West Highway, Bethesda, MD 20814. You may leave a message with your name, phone number, the name of the company you are representing, and the type of ad you would like, by calling the main office at B-CC High School at (240) 497-6300.


Please note that Chips will not design an ad for you but you may submit any ad you would like. Some of our advertisers design their own customized Chips ads, while others submit pre-made ads such as business cards.