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Welcome to Pre-K!        
Ms. Stone, Mrs. Williams, and Ms. Kilgore     

Children do a great deal of playing in the Prekindergarten program.Play is the work of small children; this is the way they learn.As each child prepares for success in kindergarten, he/she will do the following:

• Develop small and large muscles

• Listen to stories and look at books

• Paint, draw, and create

• Explore science materials

• Play house and act out stories and songs

• Listen, dance, sing, and make music

• Work puzzles and play games

• Recognize names, colors, and numbers

• Learn to share and cooperate

Prekindergarten promotes children’s emotional, intellectual, social, and physical growth. 

For more information, please visit the Division of Early Childhood Programs and Services  






Never a Dull Moment in Pre-K! 

prekstem1 prekstem2
PreK Scientists

prekfire prekslim  

Click on either picture above to catch a glimpse of life in Pre-K.
The slide shows were created by Ms. Fitzgerald (with a little hlp from Mrs. Reineke), and by Ms. Kalinock!