Dear Parents,

Welcome to our school! We are very happy to have you and your children join our extended family of learners. Visualize a school where the children are excited about learning, discipline problems are minimal, the learning environment is structured so all children have an excellent opportunity to succeed, parents and community members volunteer to support children’s learning, and parents bring their career, cultural, linguistic, and other skills to school to enrich the curriculum. That’s Washington Grove Elementary School! We invite you to join our partnership.

Dr. Alonso

About Washington Grove Elementary School


Washington Grove Elementary School is located in the historic Washington Grove Community, which is over 100 years old. It has a history to match and is a strong bastion of academic excellence and gentle nurturing of young minds. It is over 400 students strong and has a wonderful, caring staff led by Amy Alonso, our principal, to whom we look for guidance and leadership.

Our School Song

Join former WGES Principal, Ms. Barranger, former WGES AP Mr. Curry, Mrs. Heymsfield, Mrs. McCaskill, and the Washington Grove Singers, as they share how our school song came to be. Feel free to sing along!


Click here to get your copy of the lyrics to our school song.

Getting Here

Vision Statement

Washington Grove Elementary School will be a nurturing community of learners in which students, staff, families, and community partners collaborate to foster a culture of citizenship and lifelong learning.

Mission Statement

In order to realize our vision, we pledge to:

  • Recognize and celebrate the unique diversity of all student and adult learners
  • Communicate and hold all students and staff to high expectations for teaching and learning
  • Monitor student achievement data closely and intervene appropriately
  • Communicate regularly and in a timely manner with students, families, and staff
  • Partner with families and community members to provide meaningful support to our students

Core Values

Persistence:we set goals for ourselves and never give up

School Family:we support and show concern for each other

Respect:we treat each other how we would like to be treated and celebrate the diversity of our school community

Commitment:we work together to solve problems, are involved in school activities, and demonstrate that school is important

Caring:we use our words and actions to help others, without expecting anything in return


Washington Grove Elementary School was originally called the Oakmont School. It was built as a one-room Episcopal chapel and school by the Weaver family in 1885. The school remained unchanged until the 1920s when another room was added. That building was eventually torn down and a new building at our current location was built in 1956. The 1956 building was renovated in 1985, at which time a gym was added and the building was air conditioned.

Seven years ago (2009-10), we moved into yet another rendition of Washington Grove Elementary School. A two-story addition was added, a wing was demolished and rebuilt, and new administrative offices were created. At the completion of that massive project, we had room to spare! Over the past seven years, though, our school population has grown considerably and we find ourselves sharing spaces. Stop by and visit to see this ever-changing place of learning!

Cluster Information

Washington Grove Elementary School is part of the Gaithersburg Cluster. Students matriculate from Washington Grove to Forest Oak Middle School,
and then on to Gaithersburg High School.


School Improvement Plan