Resources about social media and devices with middle school families.

Help! My Kid Wants to Use Social Media

Relationships & Communication

Help Kids Make Friends and Interact Safely Online

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Homework and Learning with Technology

Online Safety

Social Media


Digital Well-being

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Rosa Parks will be engaging in Digital citizenship lessons throughout the school year in health class and through TAP   

MCPS has launched a partnership with Common Sense Education that will provide students with the resources and information they need to behave safely and responsibly with technology and social media. Digital Citizenship, the practice of being safe, smart and ethical while online, has become an area of focus for educators and families as the 24/7 digital lifestyle becomes increasingly  pervasive at school and home.  Full details of digital Citizenship at MCPS can be found here  

A parent page, full of useful information, can be found here

A family media agreement can be downloaded here