Hello Families
 In a few short weeks we will be standing outside waving goodbye and telling our students to have a great summer.  It is hard to believe that we are heading into the home stretch, but we are.  It will be important for our students to keep their eye on the goal of having a successful school year.  However, all too often students can get side tracked and lose focus as they think more about sun and fun than schoolwork.  We don’t want that to happen.  So, we need your help to remind your children to stay focused and put in the effort needed to for a strong academic performance during this last quarter of the year.  The counseling department is working on a special career day for students and a few other end of the year special projects.  One more reminder; please echo our school message about bullying behavior.  Bullying will not be tolerated.  Every student has the right to come to school without being bullied.  A quote posted on the walls around the school building, and needs to be put into action is BE A BUDDY, NOT A BULLY!  Remember, if you need to reach a counselor,  call 240-740-3310.

Mission Statement

Rosa Parks Middle School professional school counselors are leaders who are committed to the academic success and personal growth of ALL students. Through a collaborative and team approach, we will provide opportunities for the academic and the social/emotional growth of students.

Vision Statement

The Rosa Parks Middle School Counseling Services envisions a department that supports student success. The department will accomplish this by providing students equitable access to opportunities and services, empowering them to embrace their full potential, and motivating them to strive for their personal and academic aspirations, while facilitating an atmosphere of mutual respect.