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Teachers and Classrooms

The PTA values, respects and supports the work of the teaching staff and administration at RT. In some cases, one or two individuals can perform the duties of these committees; others require the work of many volunteers.

Minigrant Committee: The PTA approves funds for projects that benefit students and the school community. All teachers and staff are eligible and encouraged to apply for funding. The committee works with the administration when applications are received in order to review all projects and requests. The committee then reviews all grants, and funds as many projects as possible. The committee advertises this opportunity to the teachers and staff, collects the grant requests, determines which projects can be funded, notifies the teachers/staff, and processes the funds with the help of the treasurer.

Coupon Collection Committee: This committee promotes membership in merchant-support efforts (including supermarkets and chain stores) and coordinates collection of box tops for classroom support items, including new computers, etc. The committee works with a staff coordinator to redeem points for these items.

Lunch and Recess Committee: The committee works with the RT staff to provide extra eyes, ears and bodies in the lunchroom and on the playground. The coordinator schedules volunteers for the various lunch/recess times and shares these names with the staff on duty.

Fifth Grade Committee: The PTA assists the 5th grade faculty in making the Promotion Ceremony a special event. Parent volunteers help inform families about the specifics of the event, help coordinate field trips, purchase the decorations and refreshments, and help to setup and cleanup on the day of the ceremony. The PTA helps subsidize this event.

Classroom Communication Committee: This committee coordinates the efforts of the individual classroom communicators. The committee works with teachers to make sure each classroom has a "classroom communicator." Classroom communicators support teachers and serve as a liaison with the other parents. Duties include communicating with the other classroom parents in order to make requests for field trip volunteers or specific classroom supplies; helping to schedule volunteers in the classroom; making a phone tree; etc. Ask your child’s teacher if you can volunteer! 301-431-7600

Staff Appreciation: Throughout the year, the PTA recognizes the hard work of our faculty and staff. The PTA hosts breakfasts and lunches, delivers birthday cards, and provides other special treats for the RT faculty and staff in order to acknowledge their work and show appreciation for their services. Volunteers are in high demand during the special functions hosted by this committee. The RT community is asked to contribute in many ways to help this committee do its work: preparing dishes, making decorations, setting up and cleaning up at functions, collecting donations of food/drink/etc. from local businesses, etc.