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 The Media Center at Rolling Terrace



Dear Students,

Please check with your classroom teachers to access my Media Center page on Canvas (MyMCPS Classroom). I look forward to seeing you in my zoom sessions throughout this school year. Please remember to read every single day!!! Have a wonderful school year! 

Dr. Araghi 
Media Specialist




 Books The school library media program is an essential component to our students’ achievement. We provide our students, teachers, staff, parent, and community members with constant access to the literature, information, technology as well as allowing them to use World Books, Atlases, and periodicals. Through an integrated and collaborative instructional program and full implementation of Curriculum 2.0, the media staff encourage the students to inquire, think critically, find information and organize them in an ethical manner.

The Rolling Terrace Elementary School media center recognizes that familiarity with many sources of information is necessary to achieve academic and personal success. The media center staff will teach the literacy information skills with the following goals in mind; helping students to develop a lifelong habit of reading as well as guiding students in learning vital information retrieval skills for print and non-print resources.


 Media Specialist: Mary Araghi, MLS, Ed.D.

 Media assistant: Hikeyya Falden

  Destiny Library Management  

 Please click on the following link to find out more information about “Common Sense Media and Digital Education”. 

Library Hours and Students' Checkout:

Our students have constant access to the media center and we also, encourage our students to come by our "Open Library" from 8:40 to 9:00 a.m. daily.

Our schedule is Bi-Weekly via Week A and Week B.

  •  Week A has been allocated to the primary grades (Head Start, Pre-K through 2nd grades)
  •  Week B has been allocated to the upper grades (3rd through 5th)

Student Checkout Policy

 Girl readingThe media center is open every morning from 8:40 to 9:00 a.m.for students to check out and return books. Students come to the media center for assigned class time and research projects. Student materials are checked out for two weeks. If any student has an overdue book, then he/she can’t check out another book until the book is returned to the media center. If a book is damaged, the student is required to pay for it, before they can check out any other book. If a child loses a book then he /she has to pay for the book and clear their account before they can check out another book.

 Destiny: The circulation system which is used in our media center is the Destiny Library Management (Destiny). Our students, staff and teachers can access the catalog at any part of the school. This system allows the patrons to view the books and other available materials in our in our media center. (

What is available in the media center?

  • Print and non-print resources, including books, periodicals, maps, DVD’s, and other materials which support the Curriculum 2.0 throughout the school
  • "Black-Eyed Susan" Nominated Books
  • Resources for the effective use by our students, staff, teachers, parents and the community members
  • We work with our students, staff and teachers to use the media center resources, such as implementation of the integration of the technology with our Curriculum 2.0 curriculum for the K, first, second, third, fourth and fifth grades
  • Maker Space Resources (writing poems, creating their own graphic novel stories, coloring, drawing, holiday crafts, making and creating a variety of arts from different countries around the world, puzzles, geography games and making origami)
  • Spanish Collection (print and non Print)


Homework Helpers and databases

 Please drop by and explore your own media center today!