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Executive Board and Committee Chairs 

The PTA has five officers nominated and elected by parents and staff. These individuals meet monthly at the Executive Board Meeting to discuss issues, plan and review current events, deal with budget concerns, and ensure that the PTA is serving the needs of the community. Also participating at Executive Board meetings are committee chairs or their designees. In addition, all parents and staff are invited to attend Executive Board meetings.


The president is responsible for the overall functioning of the PTA in accordance with national PTA bylaws. She/he maintains contact with the school principal, other board members, and the RT community. She/he helps coordinate the monthly agenda for the PTA meeting and the executive board meeting, and presides over those meetings. She/he provides leadership for PTA sponsored activities.

Vice President

The vice president assists the president in carrying out all PTA functions. She/he helps coordinate communication between PTA committees and the president. The vice president fills in for the president when necessary.


The treasurer maintains the PTA bank account, makes authorized disbursements of PTA funds, presents financial statements at PTA meetings and performs other duties in accordance with PTA bylaws. The treasurer and president work together to regularly review the PTA's financial situation.


The secretary records the minutes of PTA meetings and executive board meetings and makes them accessible to the entire community. The secretary maintains a current membership list and assists in notifying members of PTA announcements and business.

Staff Liaison: (currently vacant) The staff liaison represents the RT faculty/staff at executive board meetings, maintains communication between the staff/faculty and the PTA, and works to promote a positive working relationship between the PTA and the RT staff/faculty. Concerns, ideas, needs/wants are brought to the table by the staff liaison for discussion and review.