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Conventions & Proofreading

  • Grammar Blast
    Check your grammar skills by taking a selected response quiz. Earn points for each correct answer. Many different skills covered, suggested grade levels range from 2-5.
  • Grammar Gorillas- Funbrain
    Practice identifying what part of speech different words are and earn bananas for the gorilla.
  • Power Proofreading
    The power has gone out at a TV station and they need help from proofreading technicians. Help proofread the cue cards and scripts for the upcoming broadcasts. Grade levels range from 2-8.
  • Wacky Tales- Funbrain
    Practice working with different parts of speech as you complete these online "madlibs" and create some very silly stories!


    The Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation (FFFBI) is a unique Web site, using humor and oddball characters in interactive mysteries to help kids learn about places and cultures around the world.
  • Maya Mysteries- National Geographic Explorer
    Who's buried in the blue tomb? To solve the mystery, you'll need to explore a Maya temple. The Maya were once the most powerful civilization in Central America. This interactive, online adventure story will help you practice reading for information
  • Super Thinkers
    Read, listen and think to help solve the mysteries on this site. These will take some time and require some careful reading/listening and creative thinking! (This site was created with middle school students in mind, so it may challenge some of our PCES superthinkers)

Vocabulary Builders& Games

  • Idioms- FunBrain
    Idioms add color to language. Help's grand master, Salvabear Dali, finish his paintings by identifying the correct expression.
  • Whomp!
    Create as many words as you can from a grid of letters. Work quickly and see if you can earn more points than the monster you are playing against. Make the game more (or less) challenging by choosing a new grade level. This game is a lot like Boggle.
  • Word Central
    Wondering what a word means? Look it up in this online dictionary. Click on "Daily Buzz" to learn a new word. Visit "The Music Room" to compose your own poems or use the rhyming dictionary to find rhyming words.
  • Rooting Out Words
    Figure out the meanings of words by learning about prefixes and suffixes. Use the tutorials to help you get started… these aren’t as easy as they might seem!