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Teacher Information for Day Programs

Teacher Training: Since teachers from the school will teach parts of the lesson on site, the Outdoor and Environmental Education Program offers training sessions for teachers one month prior to your program. These training sessions occur at the site you will visit with your students. All lessons, materials, and procedures will be reviewed at that time. Teachers may also request further help by contacting the site educator for your program.

The training session will encompass the procedures for the site, locations to conduct the activities, and the activities themselves.  Schools that have participated in the training have had a smoother and more productive experience as the instructional and logistical information does not need to be presented when students are here and waiting.  Please wear comfortable shoes for walking outside and dress for the weather.

Please check our calendar of events or contact your outdoor education coordinator for upcoming workshop dates. 

Registration Process: Requests for programs are made during April for the following school year. Notification of programs and procedures are sent to all principals, administrative secretaries, and curriculum teachers. A period of 4-6 weeks is given to receive all requests.  Requests are then processed and schools are informed of program dates before the end of the school year. 

Planning a trip:  Prior planning is important for a successful program outcome. It cannot be overstressed the importance of attending the teacher training sessions if you have never attend one prior to your experience.  Student preparation should include a review of the goals and expectations for the visit. Review of the curriculum linked to the experience will also prepare students as what to expect.

Careful attention to expected outdoor weather conditions and proper dress for the day should be reviewed with teachers, students, and chaperones who will be attending the program.

Workshops: The Outdoor and Environmental Education Program offers a wide array of classes/workshops for teachers who wish to participate in various programs. A complete listing may be found on the Professional Development page. 

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