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Professional Development

Outdoor Environmental Education Programs provide many different professional development opportunities to help prepare teachers to deliver environmental education lessons in the outdoors.

2022 Summer  Courses 


Workshops/Trainings - Preparation for teaching day and residential programs on site 

Credit Courses - For all MCPS teachers   

Model Lessons on Video are designed to help the teachers review before teaching the lesson at their school's Outdoor Environmental Education Program. It does not take the place of attending an initial in-person training. 

Predator/Prey Relationships

Exploring the Watershed Using Map and Compass

Stream/Pond Study

Professional Development Courses sponsored by NOAA

MWEE 101  (1 credit CPD)

NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office worshops


Facilitating Professional Development Through the Use of Video - 2012 MAEOE Conference Presentation Materials by Brian Shilling

Presentation Notes

MCPS/AFI/AU Environmental Film Festival

Teacher Workshops for Green School Certification and Environmental Literacy - offered by the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin.

Giving Voice and Vision to Young Environmentalists  MAEOE Conference Presentation 2017 by Brian Shilling

Film Festival Judging Survey 2019

Exploring Nature with Letterboxing - 2020 MAEOE Conference Presentation Materials by Courtney Hebert and Stephanie Lee  

What is outside your door? Virtual Outdoor Education - 2021 MAEOE Conference Presentation