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About SSL at MCPS

Seventy-five hours of service learning is a graduation requirement in the state of Maryland, however, the number of service-learning hours needed for graduation is based on the date a student first enrolled in MCPS.  The specific SSL hour requirement is explained, along with other SSL information at:

MCPS students begin fulfilling this requirement the summer after fifth grade and continue to accrue SSL hours through high school.  Students who earn 260 or more SSL hours receive a Certificate of Meritorious Service at the time of graduation.  The phases of preparation, action, and reflection, distinguish SSL from volunteering and community service.

In order to receive SSL credit, students must keep in mind the following requirements:

  • All SSL must be done with nonprofit, tax exempt organizations.  For a non-approved activity, the Special Activity Application Form (560-50) must be completed and approved prior to community service being performed.
  • The Verification Form (560-51) must be filled out completely, with particular attention given to the Student Reflection statement.
  • Parents cannot sign as the activity supervisor for their own children’s service.
  • Verification forms must be handed in by September 30 for summer service or by the end of each semester in which service is done for SSL hours to be reflected on your report card.

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