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  • Message from Mrs. Gottesman:

    Quote of the Week:


    "Make room for all emotions—including negative ones. It's OK not to be happy all the time. Give kids the time to be sad when they are sad, mad when they are mad."- Heather Shumaker 


    Dinner Table Questions For Families

    • What are 3 hard emotions you felt this week?  What did you do to feel better?
    • Who do you talk to when you feel sad, mad, angry, or scared?
    • What is your favorite activity to do as a family in the Fall?

    Tips of the Week:


    Students are learning the Zones of Regulation.  ZOR is  framework that teaches students self-regulation. Students learn to name their feelings and manage their emotions and behavior appropriately.   When we associate a color with a feeling it gives staff and students a universal language. Together, we can identify a feeling and find a coping strategy.  Zones equips students with independence and strategies for conflict resolution.  Try it at home.... it can be used with all ages and ability levels.


    Attention Parents of Students in Grades 3-5. Best Buddies is BACK! If your child wants to apply to be a Best Buddy and work with our amazing Learning For Independence students, please have them complete the application and submit it to Ms. Gottesman by Tuesday, September 19th


    Best Buddy Application