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Phone: 301-422-5720
Fax: 301-434-1913

Francis Scott Key MS Counseling Team

Resource, ALT, RELL, and ESOL Counselor: Mrs. Starr McCoy-Snead (Send email)

Grade 8 Counselor: Ms. Nadine Lyons (Send email)

Grade 7 Counselor: Ms. Hilary Murphy (Send email)

Grade 6 Counselor: Mrs. Sophia Olowokakoko (Send email)

Counseling Secretary: Mrs. Diana Perez (Send mail)

Pupil Personnel Worker: Ms. Jackie Khelawan

ESOL Transition Counselor:  Ms. Nazareth Aregai

Counseling Team

General Information

There are four counselors at Francis Scott Key MS who are able to help you in many ways. Your counselor is available to assist you in the development and achievement of your personal and academic goals. Counselors are readily available to discuss school concerns and personal concerns with confidentiality maintained. You are encouraged to get to know your counselor.

If you have any questions, please see or give your counselor a call at 301-422-5720.

The Counseling Team has established the following Referral and Appointment procedure:

  1. Students wishing to see a counselor should make an appointment with the secretary or a counselor before or after school, or during lunch.
  2. During the school day, students should obtain a note from a teacher before going to the counselor's office

Mission Statement

At Francis Scott Key Middle School, we deliver a comprehensive developmental school counseling program to all students.  As part of an international community of lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and responsible global citizens, we support the academic, personal, interpersonal, career and healthy development of all our students. As professional school counselors, we are leaders who advocate, collaborate, and facilitate individual and systemic change to ensure success for every student.  We are aligned with Montgomery County Public Schools, Francis Scott Key MS, and the International Baccalaureate Organization missions which promote a high quality, world class education for every student.

Vision Statement

Francis Scott Key Middle School counselors are professional educators who advocate academic, intellectual, social, and emotional growth for their students, enabling them to make optimal choices for their futures.

Counseling Services

The counselors at Francis Scott Key Middle School are here to help in many ways. Counselors are available to assist with the development and achievement of academic and social goals. They are available to discuss school and personal concerns maintaining confidentiality. Students are encouraged to visit their counselor by completing a counseling request form for an appointment. Students must have a pass from the classroom teachers to visit the counselor during class time.

Services provided:

  • Monitor academic progress
  • Individual counseling
  • Small group counseling
  • Class room guidance
  • Parent consultation
  • Identify community resources
  • Enrollment/Withdraw/Transfer
  • Articulate with feeder Elementary and High Schools
  • Articulate with grade level teams
  • Facilitate teacher conferences

Personal Body Safety Resources

  • Child help National Child Abuse Hotline* 1-800-4-A-Child
  • Montgomery County Youth Helpline* (301)738-9697
  • Special Victims Investigation Division (240)773-5400
  • Text Line: 301-738-3355

*They are open 24/7 and are free and confidential