PTA Fundraising

Cheetah Pride Campaign

cheetahThe Cheetah Pride Campaign helps fund the programs and activities your children have come to love.  PTA membership dues do not cover all PTA expenses so please make a contribution to this campaign at

Supermarket Club Cards

Register/renew your supermarket club cards each year.  It’s a quick and easy way to earn money for the school, and it only takes just a couple of minutes. Have your club cards ready…you’ll need the ID number from the card.  

Giant Club Card 

Log on to Click on “Our Stores”, then “A+”, and finally “Register Your Card”.  Our school ID number is 00647. Additionally, you can call Giant directly at 888.448.4642 to register via telephone.

Amazon School Rewards


You can earn money for Chevy Chase Elementary without spending any more than you otherwise would and without taking any time out of your day.  What do we mean by effortlessly? How's this: 
  • There is no sign up involved. 
  • There are no special codes to remember.
  • You just click on the Amazon button ON THE CCES HOME PAGE to get to Amazon and then shop as you normally do.  Amazon does the rest!

Each month, Amazon will pay us up to 10% of all purchases made by shoppers who reached Amazon through the link above.  That includes products sold at Amazon by other companies, too.

Bookmark It! Shopping at Amazon any other way is like turning down a corporate donation to our children's education, so make sure you bookmark this page as your one and only entrance to the wonderful world of Amazon.  

Share It! Our SchoolRewards link to the Amazon site works for anyone, not just Chevy Chase families so please help us cast a wider net by sharing the link with family, friends, or colleagues.  Remember, it doesn't cost the buyer anything to use our link, so sharing this with your friends is a whole lot friendlier than asking them to buy magazine subscriptions or candles!

Send the link to the CCES home page to family and friends so that they can participate too! Just tell them to click on the Amazon button!