Parent Information and Resources

Discipline Policy

A copy of the School Discipline Policy is sent home with students each September. Parents are asked to read and discuss this policy with their child so that students can continue to work in a safe, comfortable school environment. A copy of the policy is included in this packet. Please keep it so that you can periodically review expectations with your child. A copy of the policy is available on this web site for your convenience.

Parent Conferences

Two half days are devoted to parent/teacher conferences each November. Teachers ask that parents sign up for a conference time and call to reschedule if they are unable to make their appointment. Parents are welcome to conference with their child's teacher or observe in their child's classroom throughout the year. Conferences and observations must be arranged with the teacher a minimum of one day in advance, as all classes operate on a planned schedule each day.

PTA Meetings

PTA activities are scheduled periodically throughout the year and provide opportunities for families to come together at the school for information, entertainment, and/or socialization. PTA business meetings are scheduled the first Tuesday of each month. A schedule of the exact day and time of each meeting will be published by the PTA. Meetings will also be announced in the Spotlight on Bells Mill and on this web site. All parents are encouraged to attend PTA meetings and activities.

Web Sites

Lots of information and resources for parenting, learning disabilities, and attention challenges:

Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 


Visitors to the School

For the safety and security of our students all visitors to the school - parents, grandparents, volunteers, everyone - must check in at the main office and pick up a visitor badge before going anywhere else in the building. If you need to give your child a message, lunch money, homework, supplies, etc. please go to the office. Do not go directly to a classroom for any reason. All visitors must wear identification badges while in the school building.


Assistance from parent and grandparent volunteers is a welcomed and valuable resource at our school. Volunteers are needed in classrooms, the media center, and cafeteria; please see your child's teacher or inquire in the office if you are interested in volunteering. Volunteers should sign in immediately upon entering the school building and should wear a volunteer badge at all times while in the school for the safety and security of our students.

C2.0 Math and Reading Parent Newsletters

Parents newsletters for Curriculum 2.0 math and reading are now available online. To access the appropriate newsletter, please click here. Then identify the correct grade and subject for your child(ren).