School Procedures 2021

Medication and Health Room Updates

No medication will be administered in school without the parent's/guardian's written permission and a physician's statement. Medication forms are available in the school office and are required for each episode of illness and for each medication. If you have any questions, call our health technician. The parent/guardian must hand-deliver the medication, properly labeled by a pharmacist, and the completed MCPS form to the school principal or designee in the school office.

Emergency Information

Once again, MCPS will be sending home with your child preprinted EMERGENCY DATA SHEETS during the first week of school. It is very important that these sheets be checked, confirmed or edited and immediately returned to school. During the school year let us know of any changes of address, phone numbers, and/or contact persons. Additionally, if there are any custody concerns or medical conditions please include that information with any corresponding documentation. Please contact the office to make any necessary changes throughout the year.

Cafeteria Updates

All meals will be provided free of charge during the 2021-2022 school year. MCPS will continue to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner meals to all students in schools and at designated food distribution sites. The breakfast program begins daily at 9:10 A.M.

Applications for free or reduced lunch/breakfast (FARMS) will be distributed to all students the first week of school. Although meals will be free of charge for all students this year, every parent must reapply for free or reduced meal status for their child. We will have staff members available during our Open House to assist families with completing this form. Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, a student may be entitled to receive menu substitutions or texture modifications under the school lunch program. A signed statement from the student’s doctor must verify the existence of the student’s disabling condition and an indication that the disability restricts the student’s diet. If the disability prevents the student from eating regular school meals, the doctor must indicate the substitutions that should be provided to the child. Please contact the school office if you need more information.

Change In Your Child’s Routine

LATE ARRIVAL: When a child is late, parents must bring the student to the office and "sign them in" for the day. The child cannot go to the classroom first. Students are considered late if they arrive after 9:25 am.

LEAVE EARLY: A note should be sent to the school with your child. Parents need to come to the office to sign their students out. Once a parent arrives the child will then be called to the office. We will not have your child in the office waiting for you to pick them up early. Parents are not allowed to go to the child's classroom to pick up the child; office staff will call the classroom. Also,duetothebusynatureofdismissal,studentsleavingearlyshouldbepickedup prior to 3:30 unless there is an emergency. No child will be permitted to leave school unaccompanied for any reason!

STAY AFTER SCHOOL: If a child is to stay at school for an after-school activity, the parent must send a note or the child will not be permitted to stay.

GO HOME WITH A FRIEND: We can accept a request for your child to ride a bus home with a friend. We cannot approve this request until we contact a bus supervisor and determine if there is enough space on the bus for another rider. Please submit requests well in advance so we have time to look into it and confirm whether we can honor the request. Once approved and signed by the principal, the student should give this note to the operator of the bus they will be riding. This practice will normally be approved where space permits.

Note: Students need to bring a note to school if there is any change in the bus that they will be riding or how they will get home at the end of the day. Students are NOT allowed to come to the office or ask their teachers to make a phone call to create plans or playdates. These need to be determined prior to the start of the school day. Your cooperation will help ensure your child's safety!

MCPS Attendance Policy

Montgomery County Public Schools policy on the attendance of students states, “A student is counted present for a full day if a student is absent no more than one hour of the school day. A student is counted absent for a full day if the student is present for 1 hour or less of the school day. A student is credited with one half-day attendance if the student is present more than one hour of the school day and is absent more than one half of the school day.” There will be no option for students to attend virtually this year. All instruction will be in person. If your child is absent, please call or email ( the school office by 9:30 a.m. (240) 740-3260 to report your child's absence. The office opens at 8:00 a.m. If you need to call prior to that time please call and leave a

message on the answering machine stating your child’s name and classroom teacher. If a child is absent and we have not heard from the family we will be calling to verify the absence and reason.


Bus schedules for our neighborhood students are posted on our school website. Students who attend DHOH and GT/LD Program will receive bus information directly from MCPS Transportation. Students in Barnsley’s Center Program will have bus routes posted on the website in the weeks ahead. During the first week or so of school, buses may be a little early or a little late, as the drivers get accustomed to the run and the new time schedules. We will continue assigning colleges with mascots to buses for dismissal procedures. In doing so it will help students remember to continue to work hard and get college ready! Signs will once again be displayed during dismissal to help students get to their correct bus and classrooms will have pennants for a visual in the rooms.

Please Note: All bus routes will be posted online once received. Cars are not allowed in the front entrance lanes during school opening and dismissal hours for safety reasons. Your cooperation is appreciated!

Cell Phones And Personal Mobile Devices (PMDs)

Mobile phones, e-readers, tablets, personal computers, or other devices equipped with microphones, speakers and/or cameras, and other similar non-MCPS issued devices are considered personal mobile devices (PMDs) and are subject to MCPS Regulation COG-RA, Personal Mobile Devices and MCPS Regulation IGT-RA Responsibilities for Computer Systems, Electronic Systems. Students may possess PMD’s on MCPS property and at MCPS sponsored activities; however students may not turn on/use them until the end of the student day for independent use. Students are responsible for ensuring their devices are turned off and out of sight during times of unauthorized use, and must ensure they are managed securely at all times. Smartwatches are PMDs. Staff cannot be responsible for checking the settings or capabilities of these PMDs. These need to be powered off and placed out of sight until the end of the school day. If your child has a PMD please do not use it as the primary mode of communication to make or update dismissal plans. It is critical that this information is exchanged between parents and school staff. Please note staff cannot be responsible for phones if lost or stolen.

Birthday Celebration Policy

To preserve our focus on instruction and to address the growing concern with student allergies/COVID, the school Birthday Celebration policy is as follows: Each child’s name will be announced during our morning announcements and be asked to come to the main off to receive a birthday pencil on his/her birthday (summer birthdays as well). No food or beverages should be sent or brought to school to be shared with the class.



Parents are welcome to visit the school throughout the year. To provide for the safety of the students and to avoid disruption of instructional activities, all visitors must check in at the main office when they arrive. Classroom visits are to be arranged at least 24 hours in advance with the teachers and typically are 30 minutes in length. All visitors must wear visitor/volunteer badges.

Field Trips

Each grade level plans to provide 3-4 field trips a year. Notification for field trips will be sent out 2-3 weeks prior to the trip. We do not allow students to purchase souvenirs on field trips because it creates an inequity and is not part of the field trip experience. If you chaperone, we ask that you cooperate with this school wide expectation.

Parent/Community Volunteers

Parent and community volunteers may return to MCPS schools to support in-person and virtual instruction, activities, and special events as the schools deem appropriate or necessary. Our volunteer activities vary from school to school, and volunteers can help with a wide variety of activities.

●  In-person volunteers should complete the MCPS Parent/Guardian and Community Volunteer Form.
●  Virtual volunteers should complete the MCPS Volunteers in the Virtual Classroom Form Both forms outline the applicable compliance measures that are required to volunteer dependent on the type of support being provided (recognizing child abuse and neglect training and/or fingerprinting, as appropriate). These compliance measures and expectations for each category of service are in place to ensure the safety and security of all students, staff, and volunteers.