2015 Barnsley School Policies


At Lucy V. Barnsley Elementary School, we believe that appropriate behavior skills must be taught and reinforced just as academic skills are taught and reinforced. Our focus is on teaching students what they are expected to do and helping them to understand how appropriate behavior from every student is necessary for a positive and safe learning environment. We rely on the close cooperation of home, school and community. Children benefit most when they are able to live and learn in a safe, structured and respectful atmosphere.

Expectations have been established for appropriate student behavior at school. Students must respect themselves, others, and property at all times and use the rules of common courtesy when interacting with others. Bullying, harassment, and intimidation are not permissible in any manner. Students must be responsible for their actions and their learning. Students must come to school prepared and ready to learn daily. All teachers will discuss these rules with their classes and review them throughout the year. Parents are also asked to go over these expectations and make sure that the children understand the rules and expectations.

For your information and reinforcement, a list of the expectations is found below. We anticipate that students will follow these guidelines on a daily basis, so that they can receive positive reinforcement for making the right choice. In the event that a child makes a poor choice, appropriate disciplinary action will result.

Students are expected to:

  • Talk quietly, interact appropriately and with respect to other students and staff
  • Respect school property and the property of others
  • Walk quietly as they move around the building
  • Be on time
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to self
  • Refrain from throwing or kicking rocks, sticks, snow, etc.
  • Remain on school grounds during school hours, unless accompanied by a parent, guardian or another authorized adult.
  • Not chew gum on school grounds or school buses
  • Not wear hats, bandanas or other headcoverings, except for health or religious reasons or a special spirit day
  • Be responsible by bringing all homework and books to and from school
  • Follow directions the first time they are directed
  • Complete classwork and assignments within established timeframes

Students are forbidden from:

  • Bringing weapons, intoxicants or tobacco products to school
  • Bringing any object that looks like a weapon or could be used as a weapon, including toy guns or knives, water guns, etc. to school

Students should not bring to school

  • Cell phones must be off while at school and bus and kept off in backpacks
  • Personal music players
  • Skateboards, rollerblades, roller skates, Heely shoes with the wheels in
  • Toys, electronic games or other electronic instruments or equipment
  • Sports equipment (including balls, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, baseball bats)

Students and parents should use common sense and discretion when selecting items suitable to bring to school. Please call the school office if there is a question about the suitability of an item. Written authorization from the principal is required for exceptions to the policy.

Disciplinary Standards

The Lucy V. Barnsley Elementary School staff wants all our students to have a clear understanding of our school’s behavior expectations and the consequences of any inappropriate school behavior. Our behavior policy aligns to the MCPS Student Code of Conduct and MCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities. Our policy reflects a balance between the rights and responsibilities of the individual and the group.

The MCPS Countywide Violations apply to every school in the county. The actions listed are forbidden. If a student is involved in doing any of these things on school grounds or at school- sponsored events, the student will be disciplined as explained within the guidelines. These are listed on the next page.

Lucy V. Barnsley school-wide violations and minimum and maximum consequences that may be applied are defined in a separate chart. In dealing with each situation, Barnsley staff will keep in mind that the purpose of disciplinary action is to strengthen behaviors that contribute to a peaceful and safe learning environment. In correcting behavior, staff demonstrates to students how to cope appropriately with similar situations in the future.

Disciplinary Procedures

Discipline is best handled at the level where behavioral change can be encouraged and documented. To help students understand, a system of progressive consequences will be employed. Steps taken will depend on the severity of the infraction, frequency of occurrence, age of child and other factors. The steps listed below may be accelerated depending upon the seriousness of the incident.

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Teacher/staff-student conference
  3. Parent contacted to solicit cooperation
  4. Staff-parent-student conference
  5. Principal-student conference
  6. Principal-parent-student conference


7. After School Detention
8. In-School Suspension (# days based on situation)
9. Suspension (1 to 10 days)
10. Recommendation for expulsion

• Any suspension (in school or out of school) is based on the determination of the Principal that the action/behavior was disruptive and detrimental to the school environment
• In-school suspension: a temporary removal of a student from the student’s daily class schedule for disciplinary reasons with notice to the parent/legal guardian.

• Out-of-school suspension: the act of excluding a student from school for a defined period of time for disciplinary reasons with notice to the parent/legal guardian.
• Recommendation for expulsion: the act of excluding a student from participating in the educational program for an indefinite time with or without specifying a time certain for seeking readmission to MCPS.





Bomb/facsimile possession or bomb threat

Recommendation for expulsion, police referral

Recommendation for expulsion, police referral

Distribution of intoxicants with intent to sell or distribute or engage in the sale or distribution of

Recommendation for expulsion, police referral

Recommendation for expulsion, police referral


Recommendation for expulsion, police referral

Recommendation for expulsion, police referral

Violent physical attack on a staff member

Recommendation for expulsion, police referral

Recommendation for expulsion, police referral

Weapons used to cause bodily harm

Recommendation for expulsion, police referral

Recommendation for expulsion, police referral

Offenses with a Range of Consequences





Principal-student conference, parent contacted

Recommendation for expulsion

Computer abuse

Loss of computer privileges

Recommendation for expulsion

Destruction of public property (vandalism)

Suspension, restitution and/or police referral

Recommendation for expulsion, police referral restitution and/or police referral

Other weapons


Recommendation for expulsion

Physical attack on a student


Recommendation for expulsion

Physical attack on a staff member


Recommendation for expulsion

Possession or use of intoxicants

Suspension, police referral

Recommendation for expulsion, police referral

Possession of portable communication devices

Confiscation, parent contacted

10-day suspension

Sexual harassment

Principal-student conference, parent contacted

Recommendation for expulsion

Verbal abuse, threats


Recommendation for expulsion






Bathroom misbehavior

Misuse of bathroom, paper products, water, graffiti, etc.

Verbal warning, clean up mess

Principal-parent-student conference

Bus misbehavior

Inappropriate actions boarding, riding or unloading the bus (includes standing, throwing things, inappropriate gestures and/or language, ignoring the bus driver or patrols, etc.)

Verbal warning

Suspension and loss of bus privileges

Cafeteria/playground misbehavior

Not abiding by cafeteria/playground behavior guidelines, being disrespectful to staff or another student

Verbal warning

Removal from cafeteria/playground for specified period

Class cutting

Intentionally missing class without parental/teacher permission

Teacher-student conference, parent contacted


Chewing gum, eating candy, food or drink

Eating on school property during the school day other than lunch or without staff approval

Teacher-student conference, parent contacted

In-School Suspension or Detention

Derogatory racial comments

Intentional, hurtful and degrading comments

Principal-parent-student conference

To Be Determined following Principal-parent- student conference

Destruction of property, vandalism

Deliberate actions toward another’s property

Teacher-student conference and restitution

Suspension and/or police notified

Disruptive behavior or disobedience during class

Any actions that disrupt the learning environment

Teacher-student conference

To be determined following Principal-parent- student conference


Any act or attempt to secure money, food or property through threat or physical harm


Recommendation for expulsion


Two or more participants engaging in a physical confrontation (either real or playing)

Staff-student conference


Going off school grounds without permission

Going beyond school boundaries, specifically into the woods surrounding the playground or street

Principal-parent conference


Hallway misbehavior

Running, loud talking, etc.

Staff-student conference, verbal warning

In-School Suspension

Inappropriate behavior as reported by patrols

Behavior that compromises student safety

Verbal warning from patrol

Behavior reported to administration with appropriate follow-up

Inappropriate clothing

Wearing items that promote illegal substances (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc.), disrupt learning or classroom routines, illustrate vulgar or sexual language, demonstrate disrespect for any race, religion, etc. or do not appropriately cover body

Change clothing, parent contacted

Student sent home. Parent or guardian pick up student

Inappropriate items

Possession of items not intended for instructional use

Temporary confiscation of items

Items held until parent picks up

Inappropriate language or actions

Using language and/or actions considered abusive, aggressive and/or obscene by the recipient or by staff members

Staff-student conference

To be determined following Principal-parent- student conference

Look-alike weapons

Use or possession of any implement or look-alike toys where the intent is to frighten

Principal-staff-parent- student conference

Recommendation for expulsion

Misbehavior at school- sponsored activity

Not following conduct guidelines during activities, field trips, assemblies, etc.

Removal from activity, parent called

Suspension, exclusion from other activities

Physical attack on staff or student

One or more participants engaging in a physical attack toward a staff member or student

Principal-staff-parent- student conference



Student submission of work that does not represent his/her own effort

Teacher-parent-student conference. Loss of credit on assignment



Stealing property that belongs to the school, a staff member or a student

Staff-parent-student conference and restitution


Use of electronic devices

Use of cell phones, personal music players, handheld games, etc. on school property during the school day

Temporary confiscation of items

Items held until parent picks up

Verbal abuse and/or threats

Use of profane, obscene, insulting, intimidating language; racial, ethnic, gender or religious slurs; or verbally abusing a student or staff member in any manner

Principal-student conference


Wearing hats or bandanas

Wearing headcovering other than for health or religious reasons

Removal of item

Items held until parent picks up

Students who have knowledge of weapons or illegal substances on school grounds are obligated to report this information to a school staff member immediately.


Be sure to stop in at the office FIRST whenever coming to Barnsley Elementary School. This year we have a new safety measure that was instilled by the school system. After arrival and before dismissal the exterior front doors will be locked. If you need to get into the building you will need to press the outside button and be buzzed in. The front office staff will be able to see who is at the door via camera on their computer and be able to determine if there is a safety concern of who is asking to enter the building. Once the person has been verified they will be invited to enter the building and go directly to the office to sign in. This is a safety measure that will help ensure that our building remains safe for our students and staff.

Our secretaries are there to assist you. Mrs. Claudine Schiller is our Attendance Secretary and Ms. Monika Roberts serves as our Administrative Secretary. Mrs. Olga Harris, our health room technician, is also located in the office. She is available on school days when the health room is open (9:15- 3:15).


All parents, visitors, and volunteers must make their first stop the school office. One of our friendly secretaries will greet you, answer any questions, give you a Barnsley nametag to fill out and speed you on your way. All parents, visitors and volunteers must wear nametags. This is for the safety for all of our children! If you would like to speak with a teacher or staff member, it is requested that you please make an appointment.


No medication will be administered in school without the parent's/guardian's written permission and a physician's statement. Medication forms are available in the school office and are required for each episode of illness and for each medication. If you have any questions, call our health technician, Mrs. Olga Harris. The parent/guardian must hand-deliver the medication, properly labeled by a pharmacist, and the completed MCPS form to the school principal or designee in the school office.


Our current enrollment is about 671 students in grades K-5. To best meet the needs of the students, our current school organization is for 5 full day classes of Kindergarten, 5 classes of first grade, 4 classes of second grade, 3 classes for third grade, and 7 classes for grade 4 (4 neighborhood and 3 center for the highly gifted) and 6 classes in grade 5 (3 neighborhood classes and 3 center for the highly gifted classes).

  • Office Hours - 8:00-4:30
  • School Hours (Grade K-5) - 9:00-3:30
  • Breakfast - 8:55-9:15
  • Early Release Days (Grades K-5) - 9:00 – 1:00

Students who walk to school SHOULD NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 9:00 A.M., as supervision is not available until that time! We will open our cafeteria doors for those who receive breakfast at 8:55. Students are considered late if they arrive after 9:15 am!


Once again, MCPS will be sending home with your child preprinted EMERGENCY DATA SHEETS during the first week of school. It is very important that these sheets be checked, confirmed or edited and immediately returned to school. During the school year let us know of any changes of address, phone numbers, and/or contact persons. It is important that these cards are always current and correct. Additionally, if there are any custody concerns or medical conditions please include that information with any corresponding documentation.  

Please contact the office to make any necessary changes throughout the year.  


Please make every effort to provide your child a backpack without wheels. The wheels become destructive to the wax on our floors and can pose a safety hazard in the halls and stairways


Birthdays will be recognized through Barnsley’s daily morning announcements. To celebrate a birthday, parents may send a simple treat for the class that will be shared at lunchtime in the cafeteria or arrange with the classroom teacher to have a small class celebration beginning no earlier than 3 pm with parent attending. Food Service rules require that the “treats” be store bought, not homemade. If you choose to do this, please contact your child’s teacher and be sure to ask if there are any students with food allergies.


Kindergarten report cards are distributed twice each year, in February and June. Report cards for Grades 1 - 5 are distributed four times a year in nine-week cycles - November, February, April and June. Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled in November, at the end of the first marking period for each student in grades K-5. It is requested that appointments for additional conferences with teachers or the principal be scheduled in advance. We encourage you to meet with your child’s teacher as necessary.


We have a very active PTA and urge you to become involved! Our PTA president, Mrs. Molly Natchipolsky, and all the PTA officers are looking forward to working with all our Barnsley community in the upcoming year. PTA meetings are held once every month, typically the first Tuesday.


Children in Grades K-5 may bring lunch or purchase a school lunch, which includes milk. Milk can be purchased separately. The breakfast program begins daily at 8:30 A.M. The meal prices for the 2011-2012 school year are:

Breakfast: $1.30  

Lunch: $2.55  

Milk: 60 cents  

Applications for free or reduced lunch/breakfast are distributed to all students the first week of school.  Every parent must reapply for free and reduced meal status for their child each school year. Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, a student may be entitled to receive menu substitutions or texture modifications under the school lunch program. A signed statement from the student’s doctor must verify the existence of the student’s disabling condition and an indication that the disability restricts the student’s diet. If the disability prevents the student from eating regular school meals, the doctor must indicate the substitutions that should be provided to the child. Please contact the school office if you need more information.  


MCPS does not maintain a loan program for breakfasts or lunches. Students cannot “borrow” money from the cafeteria or the office to cover the cost of meals. Please use the attached “SNAP CAFETERIA” form to open or maintain a computerized cash account for buying meals daily or for emergencies.

It is very important that students eat lunch in the middle of the day. Please help us make lunchtime enjoyable for your child by being aware of the following ways to ensure that your child has lunch:

  • Keep track of money deposited in your child’s account at home.
  • CALL Ms. Wu, Barnsley’s Cafeteria Manager, on any school day between 9:30 and 11:30 to check the balance in your child’s SNAP account.
  • Low balance letters will be generated when your student's account balance is $8.00.
  • Every effort will be made to send low balance notices home every Tuesday, please check your student's backpack.
  • In the event that your child has no lunch and no money in a SNAP account, the PTA will provide a sandwich for the student – peanut butter, peanut butter and jelly, or just jelly ---the student's choice.


LATE ARRIVAL: When a child is late, we strongly encourage that the parent brings the student to the office to "sign them in" for the day. The child cannot go to the classroom first. Students are considered late if they arrive after 9:15 am.

LEAVING EARLY: A note should be sent to the school with your child. Parents are asked to come to the office to sign their student out. Once a parent arrives the child will then be called to the office. We will not have your child in the office waiting for you to pick them up early. Parents are requested not to go to the child's classroom to pick up the child; office staff will call the classroom. No child will be permitted to leave school unaccompanied for any reason!


Please read this carefully! Montgomery County Public Schools policy on the attendance of students states, “A student is counted present for a full day if a student is absent no more than one hour of the school day. A student is counted absent for a full day if the student is present for 1 hour or less of the school day. A student is credited with one half-day attendance if the student is present more than one hour of the school day and is absent more than one half of the school day.”

  • ABSENT: Please call the school office by 9:30 a.m. (301) 460-2121 to report your child's absence. The office opens at 8:00 a.m. if you need to call prior to that time please call and leave a message on the answering machine stating your child’s name and classroom teacher. In addition, when your child returns, a written note explaining the reason for absence MUST be sent to the teacher. If a child is absent and we have not heard from the family we will be calling to verify the absence and reason.
  • STAY AFTER SCHOOL: If a child is to stay at school for an after-school activity, parent must send a note or the child will not be permitted to stay.
  • GO HOME WITH A FRIEND: If a child is to go home with a friend, the parent must send in a note or the child will not be permitted to go. The note should be given to the homeroom teacher at the beginning of the day for signature.
  • Note: Students need to bring a note to school if there is any change in the bus that they will be riding or how they will get home at the end of the day. Students are NOT allowed to come to the office or ask their teachers to use a phone to call to create plans or playdates. These need to be determined prior to the start of the school day. Your cooperation will help ensure your child's safety!


Students who attend Barnsley for the Center program, DHOH, and GT/LD Program will receive bus information directly from MCPS Transportation. Please review it carefully as there are changes since last year. During the first week or so of school, buses may be a little early or a little late, as the drivers get accustomed to the run and the new time schedules. Last year we tried to correlate a letter to the buses. Unfortunately, this was confusing for some of our students. This year we will be going over with students a corresponding college and mascot for each bus. We hope it will help students remember to continue to work hard and get college ready! Signs will be displayed during dismissal to help students get to their correct bus and classrooms will have pennants for a visual in the rooms.  

Please Note: Cars are not allowed in the front entrance lanes during school opening and dismissal hours for safety reasons. Your cooperation is appreciated!


In accordance with MCPS policies, students may not carry cell phones to school. If a child is found to be using a cell phone they will be confiscated and parents will be notified. However, if you feel that your child needs to have a cell phone, a letter explaining why must be submitted to the Principal, Mr. Winter. Upon receipt of the letter with your explanation, Mr. Winter will make a decision and notify the parents if an exception may be made. When exceptions occur students must make sure that the cell phone is off during the school day, left in the child’s backpack, and not used until they leave school grounds. If a child violates these expectations the permission to carry a cell phone will be revoked. Please note staff cannot be responsible for phones if lost or stolen.


Your child should wear comfortable clothes to school. Shoes for physical education and recess should be comfortable and safe. High heels or flip-flops that can damage ankles and cause sprains are not suitable. If your child comes to school in inappropriate clothing we will try to loan him/her a tee shirt to wear or phone you for help. Although we respect the individual right of children to select clothing of their choice, we also must be sure that the selection is responsible in choice and that it does not offend others or interfere with the educational process in any manner. Key chains worn around the neck should be placed inside the shirt so that other children cannot grab them and injure your child’s neck.


Request to Withhold Directory Information for the 2014 - 2015 School Year form will be distributed at the beginning of the school year. This form will be available in other languages upon request. 


Please discuss with your child the importance of exercising safety and common sense in coming to school and returning home. On the first day of school the staff will share the need for safety in this regard. Some of the things I will request that they discuss with students are:

  • Reporting directly to school from home in the morning and returning home immediately after school has been dismissed.
  • Refusing to stop and talk to strangers, to accept any gifts of any kind from strangers and never get into any vehicle with anyone other than parents or someone designated.
  • Being aware of residents between home and school to whom they might go for assistance if an emergency of any kind did occur.
  • Alternate arrangements if keys are lost.
  • What to do in case of a missed bus, late opening, or an early dismissal. In a continuing effort to keep Barnsley a safe and secure building, we will be locking exterior doors after morning arrival. The front doors will remain locked for entry by visitors who are asked to report to the office immediately upon entering.  


Parents are welcome to visit in the school throughout the year. To provide for the safety of the students and to avoid disruption of instructional activities, all visitors must check in at the main office when they arrive. Classroom visits are to be arranged at least 24 hours in advance with the teachers. All visitors must wear visitor/volunteer badges.


As we continue to maintain safety as a high priority we want to inform you of our morning line-up procedures. Students continue to be expected not to arrive before 9:00 am. (Doors will be open at 8:55 for those who receive breakfast). We do not have supervision for your child prior to that time.
When students arrive they are ALL (Kindergarten through Grade 5) expected to line up on the front porch adjacent to the bus drop off area. When the bell rings all students enter through the front doors. Students who participate in the breakfast program are also expected to enter through the front door and continue to the breakfast line.


Please do not allow your child to bring any toys, trading cards, electronic games, or any Game Boy items to school. Items such as these interfere with the educational program and are not a benefit to your child’s learning. The classroom teacher or principal will take these items that your child brings to school and a parent then will need to come to school to get them back. If after the first confiscation, students continue to bring in materials that are not part of the educational program, then materials will be held by the administration for a period of time before being returned. We cannot be responsible for replacing items such as these.


Being involved in your child’s education is one of the most important roles for a parent to partake. Volunteering can consist of time at the school or helping from home. It can consist of working directly with students, copying, helping to prepare materials for a lesson, laminating, reading to a child and so much more. This year we are asking each parent to contribute a minimum of 4 hours of volunteer service to Barnsley. That is 1 hour per quarter and we hope that you can meet this challenge. Let’s work together to help all our children be successful this year.


Students are not allowed to wear shoes that have built in wheels at school. Wheels on shoes cause disruptions to the learning process, present safety concerns, and destroy the floors to our beautiful facility. Please make sure that your child does not wear these shoes to school.