Media Center Policies

Our instructional media program seeks to integrate information skills into the classroom curriculum and provide a variety of materials to meet all needs and abilities of the students. We strive to promote recreational reading and develop partnerships among teachers, students, and parents.

Our media center is a place for many learning activities. Students, parents, and staff are encouraged to browse, read, and sign out books and materials. Classes visit the LMC to choose books, view videos, hear stories, and search for information on topics.


The media center is open for students every school day from 8:45-3:25. During the school day, students may come in at any time to return or check out a book (with your teacher’s permission). Parents are encouraged to use these times to utilize the media center as well.

Book Check Out

Students are welcome in the media center at any time. Come in and learn!

  • Students in kindergarten are permitted to check out one book at the start of the year. By the end of the year they can check out 3 books.
  • Students in first grade and second grade may check out 3 books.
  • Students in third grade may check out 5 books.
  • Students in fourth and fifth grade may check out 6 books.
  • All materials are checked out for two weeks. However, your child may bring his/her book back at any time for an exchange.
  • Renewals of books are permitted provided there are no reserves placed on the book.

Lost or Damaged Books

Let's face it-once and awhile we mess up! We can lose or damage books. The policy for lost or damaged books is as follows:

  • Each month, a notice will be sent home to the parent or guardian as a reminder to help return the book(s) and the price of the book(s) will be quoted.
  • Fines are not assessed for late books.

Selection of Materials

As the media specialist, I need to select the materials and resources we use in the media center. I use the following criteria to help me choose:

  • needs of the curriculum
  • authenticity
  • contribution to learning/quality
  • grade appropriateness
  • relevance
  • recommendations from professional sources