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Record the source of your idea - so you can give credit and so you can find it again!
Science Fair Project Ideas on the Web:
Science Fair Project E-Books
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  1. Go to the Library Catalog (link #7 below) and LOG ON
  2. Log on to the catalog using your google logon and password
  3. Choose "Catalog" on the top
  4. Choose "Resouce Lists" on the left
  5. Choose "Science Fair"
  6. Select "Open" for any book you want to read
  7. WOMS Library Catalog

The ebooks we have are: 

Build Your Own Lab (great for 8th grade) 
  • Astronomy Experiments in Your Own Observatory
  • Chemistry Experiments in Your Own Laboratory
  • Forensics Experiments in Your Own Crime Lab
  • Physics Experiments in Your Own Light Box
Science Fair Projects Using the Scientific Method
  • Chemistry: Using Inorganic Stuff
  • Chemistry: Organic  
  • Physics: Light, Sound & Waves
  • Physics: Forces & Motion
  • Physics: Electricity & Magnetism
  • Biology: Ecosystem
  • Biology: Cell & Microbe
  • Biology: Genetics & Evolution
  • Earth: Planet Earth