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Wayside ES offers a convenient and flexible computerized cash register system in the cafeteria. Each student is issued a PIN number for use in making purchases from the cafeteria. Parents are encouraged to deposit money in their child’s account eliminating the need for students to carry cash. Student SNAP accounts should eliminate the need for lunch money loans. Parents are notified when an account is "running low" and this should be a signal to supplement the account with additional funds. Students who wish to order a school lunch must place their order with their teacher first thing in the morning.

Prepared lunches are ordered from a central kitchen each day and delivered to our school based on this total number of students ordering. Please stress with your child that they must take the lunch that they ordered in the morning. The lunch menu is published monthly and given to the youngest in family to take home as a guide in deciding whether to purchase lunch. It is also available on the MCPS website.

The cost for breakfast is $1.30. The cost of lunch, including milk, is $2.55. Milk may be purchased separately in half-pint cartons for $0.60.

Wayside ES also participates in the free and reduced price meals (FARMS) program. The cost of reduced price meals for qualified students will be $0.30 for lunch. Parents or guardians must re-apply for the program each is now open to submit the 2019-2020 Free and Reduced Priced meals applications online. All inquiries, applications, approvals and disapprovals for the program are confidential.  

Students who forget their lunch can use their cafeteria lunch account.  If this is not possible, the student will be offered a cheese sandwich and a carton of milk or bottle of water. No student will be expected to be in school all day without the opportunity to eat lunch.  





Please see the MCPS Division of Food and Nutrition Services web site for further information about meal programs.

MCPS Division of Food and Nutrition Services

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