Cell Phones/Watches

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Student Use:

A student may possess a cell phone, but it must be turned off and secured in the child’s backpack.  This means that no cell phone should be turned on, used or seen during arrival, instructional time, lunch/recess, dismissal, at before/after school activities or on the bus.   The phone may not be carried around in a coat, pants, pocket, notebook, etc. Students may be asked to remove a cell phone watch or Fitbit type device that distracts themselves or others from learning or otherwise causes unwelcome attention.  If these rules are not followed, the phone will be confiscated and returned only to the student’s parent or guardian.  The school is not responsible if the phone is lost or stolen.   


Parent/Volunteer Use:

 All cell phones should be turned off or silenced while a parent or adult volunteer is in the school building during the instructional school day. 


MCPS Policy/Regulation on Cell Phones can be found at