Bus Information

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Students are picked up at designated bus stops. Parents are responsible for maintaining discipline and safety at bus stops. Inclement weather, traffic accidents, and road construction can cause delays in the bus routes, so the pick-up and drop-off times of each bus may vary somewhat from day to day. Students must follow the bus driver's rules and directions at all times. Questions regarding the buses, bus stops, or bus routes should be directed to the Field Transportation Office Supervisor at 301-469-1029.

Please review with your child the rules and regulations about riding the school bus. For more information, see the MCPS Department of Transportation web site.

We appreciate your support and cooperation in helping us keep our children safe.

Please read the information about bus safety from the MCPS Department of Transportation web site:

About Riding the Bus


Please review the following with your children:  Please remember that riding the school bus is a privilege for most students, not a right, which can be revoked if the student fails to observe basic standards of conduct and safety.  Additional information can be found at https://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/departments/transportation/rules/

Reminders for Students

Students are responsible for their behavior and self-control on the bus and at bus stops at all times. Disorderly students can threaten the safety of all riders by distracting the bus operator making the bus ride to and from school an unpleasant and even intimidating experience for other students. School buses are an extension of school, and students are expected to adhere to the same standards of behavior on a school bus as in the classroom.

Students are expected to obey the instructions of the bus operator just as they would follow the instructions of teachers and school administrators. Students must also remember that riding the school bus is a privilege for most students, not a right, which can be revoked if the student fails to observe basic standards of conduct and safety.

At the bus stop, students are expected to:

•Arrive five minutes before the scheduled time.

•Maintain an orderly line in preparation to board the bus promptly, without shoving or pushing.

•Stay out of the roadway.

•Be considerate of nearby yards, driveways, houses, buildings, and private property.

•Move toward the bus only after it stops and the driver has signaled that it is safe.

On the bus, students are expected to:

•Behave appropriately, just as if they were in a classroom.

•Keep the aisle and emergency door clear of obstructions.

•Keep their arms, feet, and head inside the bus at all times.

•Be seated and make room for others to sit as well. Once ridership has been adjusted at the beginning of the school year, standing is not permitted.

•Discard trash in appropriate containers.

At all times, students may not:

•Bring animals, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, weapons, glass containers, or explosives on the bus.

•Use vulgar language or gestures, fight, or engage in sexual harassment or other improper and/or illegal conduct.

•Throw any papers or objects in the bus or out the windows.

•Operate the emergency door without permission.

•Smoke, drink, eat, or play radios without headphones.

•Damage or deface any part of the bus.

•Ride a different bus than the one they have been assigned to, unless they have written permission from a parent and permission from the principal.

Large objects that cannot be held on a student's lap, such as some musical instruments, class projects, etc., should not be transported on the bus. Parents should make other arrangements to transport such items to and from school.

Bus operators and attendants may assign specific seats to students.