Academic Support Center Programs

Kathy Naimon, Resource Teacher

Tilden Middle School offers the following programs:


This program for students with autism spectrum disorder serves students with high functioning autism or Asperger's syndrome. The primary focus is to teach appropriate pragmatic and social skills as well as organizational and problem solving skills that will allow students to participate more independently in the general education program. These students have some of their classes in a small classroom setting and others in the general education program.

Learning and Academic Disabilities (LAD)

The Learning and Academic Disabilities program at Tilden provides services to students who have a disability that impacts their academic achievement.  These services are provided in a continuum of settings that may include components of self-contained classes, co-taught general education classes, and other opportunities for participation with non-disabled peers.

Learning for Independence Program (LFI)

The Learning for Independence Program (LFI) provides a functional life skills curriculum with an emphasis on academics. This program serves students who have severe learning needs or mild cognitive impairments. The students receive small class instruction for academics with community reinforcement of skills learned. Students can be integrated into the general education program for their physical education and arts classes.

Resource Program 

The Resource Program provides special education services in our general education program. The resource program is for students who, while experiencing mild to moderate learning difficulties, can be enrolled in the general eduation program. Students typically receive one period of a resource class every day.