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Acting Principal: Carolynn Walsleben 


Carolynn Walsleben

I am truly honored to be appointed to the position as acting principal of Carl Sandburg Learning Center, and each and every day I look forward to working with the dedicated staff and community of Carl Sandburg, to provide the best possible educational programs for our students.

I have been an educator and teacher for more than 30 years, the last 20+ years in MCPS.  For the three years prior to my appointment, I served as the assistant principal at Greenwood Elementary and
the principal intern and assistant principal at Germantown Elementary. 

When I learned that I would be acting principal at Carl Sandburg, it was quickly shared with me how wonderful and committed the staff, students and community are to the education of the students, and that there is a true partnership shared by everyone, which I can attest to is exhibited each and every day. As the school leader, I will work hard with all of the stakeholders to continue this partnership and expectation of excellence through clear communication and by providing the best academic, social and emotional programs to meet the needs of our students.

On a quick personal note, I grew up in New York and moved to Montgomery County thirty years ago where I married my supportive husband Kraig, and together raised two wonderful children.  I received my undergraduate degree in Education from SUNY Courtland and my Masters degree in Educational Leadership from Hood College.  I have twice received accreditation as a National Board Certification Teacher and over the years I have served on multiple leadership positions within the MCPS system. Together these experiences have shaped me as a leader and drive me each day to work with all of our stakeholders in a collaborative environment to elevate all our students here at Carl Sandburg Learning Center.


Carolynn Walsleben

Acting Principal