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Ms. Nadia Kline-Taylor, Assistant Principal

Ms. K-T Work Picture

Ms. KT is starting her 20th year working in public education. She spent 12 years in the classroom, tutoring and teaching English and Social Studies in NYC. In 2014 she began working as an assistant principal in the Bronx, before moving to California, where she served as an assistant principal in Antioch and Los Angeles. She’s proud to be a Royal!


Mr. John Arianna, High School Program Specialist

John Arianna

Mr. Arianna has been at RICA for 21 years. He has had many different roles throughout his time at RICA. Mr. Arianna started his career as a paraeducator and soon earned his certification as a special education teacher. In that position he taught middle school social studies before becoming a student support teacher. After a number of years as middle school program specialist, he became the high school program specialist in 2019.


Ms. Kristen Millios, Middle School Program Specialist             

Ms. Millios has been at RICA since 2017 and has worked in various capacities as a special education teacher at a learning center and PEP supporting the needs of parents and students through early childhood services. She holds a Master of Science in Special Education from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Portland in Oregon. Ms. Millios earned her Administrative Certificate from Hood College, MD. Ms. Millios is currently serving as the elementary/middle school program specialist.

Main Office

Ms. Cindy Rampp, Administrative Secretary
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Ms. Melissa Popham, School Secretary
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