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EIA - Energy Basics 
EIA - Energy Information Administration
EIA - Electricity Explained
Energy Story - Lots of good links to the different forms of energy
Energy Links - Nothing but links
EIA - Renewable Energy Explained
EIA - Non-renewable Energy Explained - Energy Sources - Renewable Energy Sources
Energy Resources - Great site for advantages and disadvantages
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Energy portal
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 Worldmapper for fuel
United States electricity generation maps by fuel -
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National Geographic Global Electricity by fuel map 

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EIA - Solar 

NASA Science - How do Photovoltaics Work? 

National Geographic - Solar Energy
Costs - Use the photovoltaic figure. 



 National Geographic - Wind Energy
Where is a good place to build for wind energy?  - US MAP 

  Wind bulb 


American Nuclear Society - Nuclear Science and Technology
NEED Project - What is nuclear energy?
U.S. Department of Energy - All about Nuclear
How Stuff Works? - How nuclear power works?

Nuclear Energy Institute - Reliable & Affordable Energy (cost)
NEI - Nuclear World 
U.S. Nuclear Regulator Commission - Student's Corner

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Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest. Web. 21 May 2012. 

Table 1.  Updated Estimates of Power Plant Capital and Operating Costs  
   Nominal Capacity (kilowatts)  Overnight Capital Cost (2010 $/kW)  To calculate, multiply the 2 columns. 
Single Unit   650,000  $3,167     
Advanced PC    
  Natural Gas    
Conventional NGCC  540,000  $978     
Dual Unit Nuclear  2,236,000  $5,335     
Biomass CC  20,000  $7,894     
Biomass BFB  50,000  $3,860     
Onshore Wind  100,000  $2,438     
Offshore Wind  400,000  $5,975     
Solar Thermal   100,000  $4,692     
Small Photovoltaic  7,000  $6,050     
Large Photovoltaic  150,000  $4,755     
Geothermal – Dual Flash  50,000  $5,578     
MSW  50,000  $8,232     
Hydro-electric  500,000  $3,076     
Pumped Storage  250,000  $5,595       This is part of Table 1 from the EIA website.