Frequently Asked Questions

PLEASE NOTE: MCPS is currently on a remote learning schedule.
Some questions/answers have been crossed out because they do not pertain to online learning.


What are the regular school hours?


What time are the children dismissed when it is an early release day?   


How do I find out if the school is starting late or releasing early?

Check the MCPS website or sign up for e-mail notification with MCPS Quick Notes


What do I do if my child will be absent for the school day?

Call the school (240-740-4330) to report the child's name, teacher and reason for the absence.
OR report the absence using our website link.


If I know my child will be absent in advance, what do I do?

Write the teacher a note the day before the absence. Absences longer than a week require a letter to the Principal for approval.


When my child returns to school after an absence, what do I do?

The child must return with a note explaining the absence. The dates and your signature are required. The note is to be given to the teacher. A note must explain every day of absence or the child will be marked with an unexcused absence.


How do I take my child out of school early?  

Send a note with your child to the teacher stating the time you plan to pick him/her up. Upon pick-up, you must go to the office and sign your child out on the 'Sign Out Log'. The school secretary will call your child out of class and be dismissed from the office with you. Please do not pick up your child between 3:20 and 3:50 p.m., the office is busy with providing a smooth dismissal for the entire school.


What do I do if my child is late for school? 

Come into the main office and sign him/her in late.


 How do I contact my child's teacher if I have a question or want to schedule a conference?

You may email the teacher. Please provide the teacher with a phone number and convenient times for you to speak.  See the staff directory for email addresses.


 How do I receive information about my child's class and Maryvale activities or events?

Folders are sent home with your child with information from teachers, administration, MCPS, or the community. Every month the administration distributes the Maryvale news with dates of upcoming events. At least once per month, teachers send home grade level information regarding classroom curriculum. The PTA Newsletter is distributed once a month. You can also sign up for PTA information by e-mailing the PTA.


 How can I volunteer at the school?

There are many ways to volunteer at or for the school. The PTA coordinates most volunteer needs. Please check the PTA website for Volunteer opportunities and contact the Volunteer Coordinator. All volunteers must sign in at the front office upon arrival.  ALL volunteers must complete a child abuse and neglect training.  A print out of the training certificate must be on file in the main office prior to any volunteer work. (


 What's for lunch today?

The lunch menu can be found on the MCPS Cafeteria website. It is also sent home monthly.


 What time is breakfast served and how much does it cost?

Breakfast is served upon arrival to the classroom (and ends at 9:25 a.m.)

Breakfast is served daily and is free of charge, since Maryvale is a Maryland Meals for Achievement school.


 What time is lunch served?

Kindergarten/ CAPP:

Grade 1: 

Grade 2: 

Grade 3:

Grade 4: 

Grade 5: 


 How much does lunch cost?  

$2.55 for lunch including milk; milk alone is 60¢; reduced lunch is 40¢


 If my child forgets his/her lunch, what do I do? 

Bring in a lunch to the office and it will be sent to your child OR your child will be given a cheese sandwich. No money is loaned for lunches.


 Can I pay for lunch in advance? 

Yes. The cafeteria has a computerized cash register system and each child receives a PIN on the first day of school. The cost of the meal is deducted automatically from the child's account when the child enters his/her PIN number. You can pay in advance by sending a check made out to "Maryvale E.S. Cafeteria" with the child's full name on the check.  You can also submit payment online at  A notification letter goes home when the account balance gets low reminding parents to add to the account.


 Can I write one check for all my children for lunch? 

Yes. Write the complete (first and last) name of each child on the check you send.


 What do I do if the bus is late or does not come to pick up my child in the morning? 

Contact the Division of Transportation at 301-670-2283 or fax 301-548-7547 reporting the problem with the bus. Ensure you know the name of the bus stop and the route number.


 Where can I drop-off/pick up my child? 

If by car, between the hours of 9:05-9:20am and at dismissal at 3:50pm drop off/pick up at the parking lot (North East) entrance close to the loading dock.  This entrance is only open at these hours when an adult is supervising.

Please use the Front entrance all other times.


 Can someone pick up my child from school who is not listed on the yellow emergency card?  

You must send in a note if someone other than person listed on the yellow emergency card is picking up your child. Without a note, the child will not be released to anyone not listed on the card.  The person must have identification.


 What do I do if my child wants to go home with a friend after school? 

A note from the parent must be sent to the homeroom teacher explaining any change in the child's routine, including taking a different bus home, being a car rider or walking home with another student.