School Community Based Program
Grades K-5

School Community-based Program (SCB) services are designed for students with severe or profound intellectual disabilities and/or multiple disabilities. SCB services include the following components: age-appropriate classes, heterogeneous groups, peer interactions, individualized instruction, community instruction, and transition.

This year in (SCB) we will be focusing on communication, personal management, behavior management, and socialization skills.

We draw from the grade level curriculum in order to individualize instruction for each of our students and use Unique Learning Systems for adapted text and resources. We focus on Essential Elements for Alternative Learning Outcomes (ALO) that align with grade level standards.

Our Teams

Service Providers: Bridget Harris (PT), Tatiana Bruno (OT), Leiden Reitz (OT)


Teacher: Anna Gruber

Paras: Diedra Lewis-Labeach, Blanca Lizama


Teacher: Emily McKeown

Paras: Leah Herzfeld, Melissa Serpas, Daniel Waldman


Teacher: Emily Powell

Paras: Ana Blanco Manzanilla, Leslie King, Sandra Lozano Rosa


Ms. Anna Gruber | Ms. Emily Mckeown | Ms. Emily Powell