Grade 3


Third grade math opens immediately with multiplication and division.  Students will create and split objects into equal groups in order to gain a foundational understanding of these concepts, which will lay the groundwork for the rest of the school year. We’ll then practice specifically with problem solving using units of 2-5 and 10.  We’ll work to get these facts memorized quickly and use them to help with more challenging multiplication and division facts later. Please practice these times/division tables at home with flash cards!  Towards the beginning of October, we will switch gears a little and start Module 2.  This Module will focus more on measurement and data collection, starting with telling time.  We’ll move on to measuring mass and liquid volume and should be about halfway through the module by the end of the first quarter!


We will start our Benchmark reading and writing curriculum with a review of concepts from previous years, especially phonics concepts.  When we’re ready to start our first instructional unit, it will be investigating the Essential Question “Why do people participate in government?” We’ll read about all sorts of people who made a difference in their communities and the country by getting involved and working for the Common Good.  This will be a great tie-in to our social studies content!

Social Studies/Science

As mentioned, in social studies we will also be learning about the American government and community participation.  This is a great way to establish our classroom rules at the beginning of the year as well.  Halfway through the quarter, we will switch to science, where we will investigate forces and motion.  We’ll read and experiment for the first few weeks and then engage in an engineering design project where students will design and construct a moving car!

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