Grade 3


Module One will introduce students to the properties of multiplication and division.  They will use these operations to solve problems using units of 2-5 as well as units of 10.  In this quarter, we will also begin Module Two.  In this module, students will learn about place value.  They will also solve problems involving units of measure such as hours, minutes, grams, kilograms, liters, and milliliters.

Benchmark ELA

In our first few weeks, we will review important concepts from second grade and strengthen our routines.  In Unit One, “Government for the People”, students will read primarily informational texts to answer the essential question, Why do people participate in government?  When we get to Unit Two, we’ll switch to fiction stories.  As we analyze the characters we read about, we’ll work to answer the question, “How do our actions influence our lives?”

Science/Social Studies

We will start the quarter with social studies, which coincides with our reading unit on government.  We will dig deeper into civics in social studies and study the various levels of government and good citizenship.  When we switch to science, we will experiment with forces and motion, culminating with a project in which students engineer a moving car.

Instructional Learning Sites

Benchmark Universe 


99 Math 


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