Business Administration and Management Academy

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Team Leader:
Ms. Romaine Stover


The Business Administration and Management Academy is a dynamic, comprehensive program which will introduce students to the exciting professional world of Business. Students will explore several diverse career areas including Entrepreneurship, Marketing, eCommerce, International Business, Management, Financial Literacy, Project Management, Globalization and Business Law, Finance, Operations, and Management.

The objectives of the Business Academy are to prepare students for transition to college or technical school or employment and to connect, collaborate and compete in a global economy. The program provides a wide knowledge base and will expose students to multiple disciplines. Skills like communication, critical thinking, strong work ethic, goal setting, productivity, leadership, and teamwork will provide students with a solid foundation for success.

Course content will include creating a viable Business Plan, Personal Financial Literacy, Marketing, Ethics, Finance, Social Responsibility, developing Business Relationships, Leadership, Customer Relations, and Professional Development.

Courses Include:

  • Entrepreneurship and Business Management A/B
  • Accounting A/B
  • Advanced Business Management A/B
  • IB Business & Management A/B

Students within the Academy can complete an internship or take a course at Montgomery College.

Our students engage in hands-on opportunities to strengthen their business skills. Check out some of the activities we participate in below!

company analysis presentation 1.jfif   company analysis presentation 2.png

Students presenting and analyzing different companies.

BA Hands-on opportunities 1.png   BA Hands-on opportunities 2.png

Students learn and develop leadership and collaborative skills.

project teams 1.jfif   project teams 2.jfif

Students working on their project teams. Students are leading two donation drives for our Do-Good December project.

BELOW: Students prepared, participated and placed second in Montgomery County's Business Pitch Challenge!

BA Business Pitch Challenge 4.png
BA Business Pitch Challenge.pngBA Business Pitch Challenge 3.png
BA Business Pitch Challenge 2.png

Students work collaboratively to create business pitches and presentations.

Below: Students planned and organized a Toy Drive for our Do Good December project.

BA Toy Drive.png