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Nestled against a green hillside, Highland View Elementary School has been a neighborhood school since 1953 and was modernized in 1994. Our 52 faculty and staff members have a strong commitment to teaching our 350 students who come from diverse backgrounds and speak a variety of languages, such as Amharic, Arabic, Burmese, Khmer, French, Rundi, Spanish, Swahili, Twi, and Wolof.

Our Highland View community actively participates in PTA activities and generously donates time to volunteer in our classrooms throughout the school year.

Highland View is one of four elementary schools that feed into Silver Spring International Middle School.

Our  Mission 

Our Vision for Highland View:

Highland View is a welcoming, safe and inclusive community of learners.  All children and adults are valued and respected.  Students are well prepared for success in academic settings in order to have a positive impact on the world.

Our Mission:

  • We will provide students with a variety of opportunities to develop academically, socially and emotionally.
  • We will maintain high standards for teaching and learning by communicating high expectation messages to all members of our community.
  • We will create safe and positive learning environments that promote risk-taking, engagement, curiosity and collaboration.
  • We will teach and model respect for ourselves, others, and our school community.


Instructional Leadership Team Vision and Mission:

The Highland View Elementary School (HVES) Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) serves the HVES professional community. This is a team that is focused on the school wide goal of providing exemplary instruction for all students. Each member: 

  •  Uses data to drive all decisions
  •  Acknowledges, respects and values the strengths and contributions of teammates as well as other staff members. 
  •  Is focused on positive growth and change 
  •  Promotes mutual interdependence. 
  •  Speaks with one voice and clearly communicates system and administrative messages to grade/content level teammates.

The ILT leads the staff to take a reflective stance on our practice as educators, which will result in improved learning outcomes for all students. 

Parent Handbook

Our Staff

Administrative Staff

  • Principal: Galit Zolkower
  • Assistant Principal: Rebecca Irwin Kennedy
  • Administrative Secretary: Tina Errigo
  • Attendance Secretary: Monica Bridgewater

Classroom Teachers

  • Kindergarten: Jessica Benitez, Maureen Hudren, Stephanie Seaman, Jillian Wojnar
  • First Grade: Meaghen Alexander, Mercedes Gill, Stacy Justice, Jessica Thompson
  • Second Grade: Erin Crabtree, Meg Goetz, Natalie Lukehart, Shayna Newman
  • Third Grade: Denise Fleet, Megan Barrow, Natasha Najmi
  • Fourth Grade: Madison Burfeind, Bridget Egan, Kristina Fierstein
  • Fifth Grade: David Gibson, Mariam Mutafian, Kimberly Stonerook
  • English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL): Andrew Miele, Lara Oerter, Naina Rakes


  • Academic Intervention: Carly Clark, Susan Mullaney
  • Art: Margaret Gearin
  • Guidance Counselor: Laurie Burney
  • Media: Sylvia Augusteijn, Tanya Jackson (Media Assistant)
  • Music: Sherri Pfaff (General Music Director), MeLinda Ford (Instrumental Music Director)
  • Physical Education: Damian Grasso
  • Reading Specialist: Britt Waterfield
  • Resource: Sydney Dennin, Kelly Tappis
  • Speech: Nicole Kowalik
  •  Staff Development: Jackie Martins
  • Technology Support Specialist: Xavier McNair
  • Therapists: Occupational Therapist: Bridget Smith

Instructional Support:

  • Paraeducators:  Magdalena Faberova, Joletta Humpert, Melania Karmazyn, Eva Wildavsky
  • Health: Health Technician: Maggie Perez
  • Building Services: Lucio Morales Lopez (Manager), Elsy Castillo (Assistant Manager), Jose Ayala, Devante Carrette, Martha Miranda
  • Cafeteria Staff: Manager: Mei Yong (Lily) Yuen
  • Lunch Hour Aides: Keshia Bean, Magdalena Faberova, Heidy Herrera, Melania Karmazyn, Becca Patti