Trojan community -

Below (and attached) is the 2020-2021 Gaithersburg High School counseling assignments.  Students are assigned by their LAST name.

Please visit our GHS Counseling website for more information:

Assigned Alphabet                        Counselor
A                                                      WHITE
B – CHAU                                         DIKE
CHAV – ES                                   JARQUIN
ET – GU                                       RAMIREZ
GW – LEE                                     OUYANG
LEI – MIK                                    ALEXANDER
MIL – PIE                                       WALKER
PIN – RIVA                                     RITCHIE
RIVE – SOR                                   DORSEY
SOS – Z                                      COLATRELLA

METS and ELP 1
A – C                                               GARCIA
D – P                                             RAMIREZ
Q – Z                                              JARQUIN

LFI and SCB                                     WHITE

BRIDGE                                         CHRISTINA

Summer School 2020 Information


Registration for summer school 2020 begins this Friday, June 12th.  Please check out the MCPS Summer School Page (at for more information.

Important Message from Mr. Dimmick regarding the state of affairs in our community and around the country.


Trojan community –

I cannot begin to put into words my feelings right now.  Several months ago, our “normal lives” were stripped from us when COVID hit the United States. Our daily routines were dramatically changed as we were ordered to stay at home, and schools closed indefinitely. During this time, students and families alike have experienced physical and emotional hardships like never before. As the Gaithersburg community has always done, we remained strong, resilient and collaborative in our efforts to support our children and families. We have been here from the beginning and will continue to support our students and families, no matter how hard times can be.

Now, in the middle of this global pandemic, we are faced with even more pain and anguish due to the unjust treatment and murder of black Americans – of people just like residents of our Gaithersburg HS community.  I have been experiencing emotions that I have never felt before, especially knowing how the social, political and racial unrest is affecting our students, families and community. I am distraught that we cannot be with our students, to show them the love we have for them, and to support them through this extremely difficult time. I am even more saddened that the only encouragement we can give at this time is through the written word, as we continue to social distance.

I don’t have any comments that can make this situation better for our Trojans.  I can only let you know that my – OUR – passion and commitment to serving and supporting the students and families of Gaithersburg will remain steadfast.  We will continue to partner with our families, community partners and cluster schools to serve our students with love, compassion, strength and courage. 
If you need anything from us, our administrative team and counseling staff are here for you…now, and always.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Stay strong Gburg. While these are difficult times for all of us, our collective strength and support will guide us through to better times.

Mr. Cary Dimmick