February 2020 Happenings

  • Our February philanthropy will be random acts of kindness. We will encourage students to do random acts of kindness for each other. The acts can be recorded on paper available under the SGA bulletin board so that we can create a chain with them. We’ll hang the chain up in the office window and see how long we can make it. This will occur throughout the month of February.
  • Our spirit day will be Freaky Friday, on Friday, February 28th. This is a day for students to dress up like teachers, and teachers to dress up like students. 
  • We also did a lot of planning for Read Across Clearspring Week. This week will take place from Monday, March 2nd, through Friday, March 6th. Each day we will celebrate a different author with a spirit day, a trivia question about that author – with prizes for 2 winners a day, and a gift card drawing each day for 1 random student. More details will follow as we get closer, but a list of the authors and their associated spirit days are below. 

  1. Dav Pilkey (Captain Underpants and Dogman) – Wear a cape like captain underpants, or dress like a police officer.
  2. Stan Lee ( Marvel Comics) – Dress like your favorite superhero.
  3. Mo Willems (Pigeon series, Elephant and Piggie series) - Animal Day (headbands) or animal print clothing and bring a stuffed animal to school.
  4. J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter) – Dress in your favorite houses colours.
  5. Jeff Kinney (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) – Diary of a Clearspring Student - bring a diary or journal to school
    1. We’re working on the details of what this day would entail, but we liked the idea so we went with it and we’ll figure out the best implementation.

January 2020 Happenings

Our spirit day will be on Friday, January, 31st. It will be Twin Day. Pick a friend or two, or three or more, and dress alike for the day.

Our philanthropy will be supporting the Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House funds it’s programs, in part, through collecting soda can tabs and recycling them for money. We will collect soda can tabs until Friday, January 31st and donate them to The Ronald McDonald House to help fund their programs. Start saving the pop tabs from all your cans at home and bring them into Clearspring to help support this great cause. We will put a collection box at the front of the building under the SGA bulletin board to collect all tabs, that way students can just drop them off in the morning when they come in. 

We also whittled down our list of authors to highlight during Read Across America Week. This year during that week we will highlight one author a day, and plan activities related to that author. This year we chose the following authors to highlight.

  1. J.K. Rowling
  2. Jeff Kinney
  3. Stan Lee
  4. Dav Piley
  5. Elisabetta Dami (Geronimo Stilton Author)

And lastly, we had Mr. Baude come talk to us about the Kids Heart Challenge -- formerly Jump Rope For Heart. Be on the lookout for flyers coming home with lots of information about the Kids Heart Challenge as they are just kicking off the fundraising efforts. If 50% of the students register online, the school’s P.E. department will receive a $500 gift card for P.E. equipment! There is a link on the Clearspring webpage that has lots more info on this year’s Kids Heart Challenge, including how to register.  heart.org/kidsheartchallenge, search for Clearspring and sign up! 

December 2019 Happenings

  • Our spirit day will be comfy, cozy day on Friday, December 20th. This seems to be the kids absolute favorite spirit day of the year, and we our so thankful of the staff supporting us continuing to have it. Students will be allowed to bring a pillow, blanket, small stuffed animal flashlight, and book; and wear their pj’s, but no slippers allowed. A couple times throughout the day we’ll let them get comfy and cozy and read by flashlight. 
  • Our philanthropy will be supporting an organization called Paper Bridges (https://www.paper-bridges.org/). They are a non-profit that collects letters of hope and encouragement and sends them to orphanages around the world. We’ll place a basket in the office to collect any letters. We are also hoping classroom teachers will give students time to write 1 letter, possibly for morning work, and will also encourage students to also write them on their own time. Mrs. Miller will also be placing a flyer in teacher mailboxes that goes into more specific detail about the letters and organization.
  • Student reps should also be trying to get some constructive feedback from the previous months activities when they share the meeting information. We want to know what the students liked about our activities and what we could do better.
  •  We generated a list of children’s authors at our meeting. We will revisit this list over the next 2 months at our meetings to whittle it down to 5 authors. During Read Across America Week, we will spend 1 day highlighting each of these authors, instead of doing Dr. Seuss the whole week.
Welcome to the Student Government Association of Clearspring 19-20

For questions regarding Clearspring's Student Council, please contact Adam McAndrews @ Adam_M_Mcandrews@mcpsmd.org or Mrs. Britanny Miller,  britanny_m_miller@mcpsmd.org

 bm am

SGA Information

 We, the student body of Clearspring Elementary School, are organized to promote this school's education to a higher level of excellence and to develop good citizens, good leaders, and good followers.  

MEMBERS:  Our Student Council consists of the following officers - President and Vice-President and Secretary.  The council also consists of two members from each first through fifth grade class.

QUALIFICATIONS:  In order to become a member of the Clearspring Student Council, the student must have good grades and good conduct.  The representative must also be dependable, respected by their classmates, fair in dealing with others, and desires to be a member of the council.

Interested in being a class representative?

  •   All 1st through 5th grade classes will elect a boy and girl class representative. Students will receive an interest and permission form after the President, Vice President and Secretary have been voted in and voting for class representative will commence in each classroom.

Details & Duties of Student Council Officers

Student Council offers 2nd through 5th Grade Huskies the opportunity to actively participate in school-wide initiatives, lend their hands to community causes, and see democracy in action.  While representing Clearspring, these student leaders will gain responsibility, have increased pride in their school, and possess an overall awareness of events at a local and or global level.  Class representatives along with school officers will be held to high academic and citizenship levels.  Below is a list of the school officers and responsibilities: 

  1. Runs the Student Council meetings
  2. Represents the council at various functions
  3. Knows the basic rules for running a meeting
  4. Is a good Clearspring citizen
  1. Serves in the absence of the President
  2. Knows the basic rules of carrying out a meeting
  3. Leads the pledge to the flag
  4. Is a good Clearspring citizen
  1. Keeps accurate minutes of meetings
  2. Reports at each meeting the minutes from previous meeting
  3. Is a good Clearspring citizen
Classroom Representative
  1. Attend Student Council meetings
  2. Bring ideas and suggestions from class members to the meetings
  3. Report information back to his/her class and a K-1 classroom
  4. Help with the development of projects for the Student Council and school
  5. Helps promote school pride
  6. Is a good Clearspring citizen